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He hands a red staple gun — the kind you’d use to tack carpets down — to a guy in a bar — the kind of guy who might tack those carpets down — holding a dollar bill. The guy in the bar staples the dollar bill to his torso. The guy in the bar smiles, comes back with a five and staples it to his cheek...
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She runs down the center of the street, a blur of bright pink against the pink and blue sky of dusk and the dusky dark green of trees. The sign flickers; 6 mph appears briefly, then disappears.  She slows downs just past the temporary sign meant to warn speeders behind the wheel, meant to...
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  I cringe when people thank the Lord for saving them in a disaster, particularly when other people were injured or killed. It's not that I deny others their religion. Have faith. It can be a wonderful thing. What makes my skin crawl is: Why were you so special? Why aren't the nine children...
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My chin looks like a battlefield and my body feels like a soldier who fought on it. 
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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is telling young women to Lean In to corporate America, to “take a seat at the table,” “join the conversation.” She worries that we have put ourselves on the ‘mommy track,’ often before we’re even dating. She posits that a lack of confidence and ambition has led to the...
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Wheeeee, I’m sliding. Quick, thrilling, stunning. Then I see what waits for me at the bottom. Sharp, agonizing, ugly. I dig my heels in. I slow somewhat. I rest. The heels on my boots are worn smooth. I start slipping again. Downward. I reach out, grasping, burying my hands in the muck. My hands...
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Early this morning I received a response to a job application asking for writing samples. It is a position that I'm quite excited about, so I was thrilled.  Moments later my husband arrived home from his early morning gym visit.  "Guess what!" I said. "You got a job," he answered...
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Come on, show of hands. Who has had those recurring dreams about having to go but not being able to find a bathroom? Or you find one, but it’s public, literally. I once thought that those dreams meant a loss of control, figuratively. Then I came to realize they were only a way of waking me up...
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I'm here! Here with Regret and Dread, my faithful friends. They keep me occupied so I don't notice the present. They don't let me see or feel that I am truly here. Regret distracts me with her constant patter. She can talk, that one. And Dread? He makes certain I never slip into ease or comfort. No...
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Tonight I've been invited to join some friends as we create vision boards, you know, those arts and crafts projects that supposedly help guide your future. You cut and paste pictures onto posterboard in an effort to focus on what you want for yourself. You create it and put it aside, and your...
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There is a bridge on which I stand, useful only in that it provides me with an ability to soothe others' concern. Me, I'd rather be in the roiling water beneath it than stay standing on this bridge, unable to cross it - either forward or back. So, I plan to burn this bridge. Soon, as soon as I've...
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I think we may be the only people with a Christmas tree still standing, lights on, in our living room. Everyone else has packed away the festive decorations. Not me, the skeptic. I won’t take them down just yet. As the twelfth day of Christmas, The Feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas, Three...
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  3:30 a.m. Wake up coughing. Bad coughing. Get up for a drink of water, and coughing fit doesn't mix well with full bladder. Waddle to bathroom.   7 a.m. Wake up again to son and daughter-in-law’s cat looking out the window from atop good sweater. Husband left the door unlatched, yet...
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If I win I'll give it to the victims of Hurricane Sandy chuck all my worldly goods and hike the AT buy my brother and sister-in-law a house not quit my job quit my job still finish law school travel the world buy my church a new building save my town's swimming pool pay off all my bills buy a new...
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“How would you like your cash?” I hear from the next bay’s speaker at the bank drive-through. I am depositing $250 in a variety of crumpled bills culled together moments ago at home after I realized I didn’t have enough in my account to cover mine and my husband’s health insurance premium and a...
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