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The World According to Midge

Last night, Midge debuted in her first on stage performance.  She and her classmates gathered on stage to present a combination of song, story and unbeknownst to them, comedy.

She was nervous.  It was the first time she’d ever been on stage.  I sat of course with her brother and sister and at one point Ryan leaned forward to tell me he thought she might cry.  But, she didn’t.  As she waited for the performance to begin, she composed herself, put a huge smile on her face and sang like she knew there were no second chances.

Backing up….

In preparation for the event she gave me her teachers very specific instructions for the evening…

“Mrs. Tobey says we have to be clean tonight.”  As I glanced at Sidney, we couldn’t help but smile.  This specific instruction would seem unnecessary… 

“Mrs. Tobey also says, that if we don’t know the words to lipsync and pretend we are singing.”  

And last, “We need to stand still, like this” (she demonstrated, standing very straight and tall with her arms at her sides).

On with the show…

I was impressed by all of the work that went into the half hour performance and how most of the students absolutely followed the instructions they were given.  Each child delivered a line or two, and they all sang several songs to go along with their story.  Some danced, some stood backwards, some tried to stop the show from moving forward as they recited their lines.  Let’s just say ~ some clearly had their own agenda, but all in all….   A job well done.

I honestly didn’t think that Midge was capable of standing still for that long, and what she lacked in fidget, she certainly made up for in facial expressions.  And, she was fixated on watching us watch her, responding to our smiles, our laughter and our applause.  She sang songs and delivered her line beautifully,

“We call them the code of ethics”… at the microphone … 

Yes, I waited with anticipation and yes, I grew nervous as she approached the mic.  But, she did it ! 

Huge sigh of relief….

Last night was so important to Midge, and I am grateful that her brother, sister, father and even friends were there to share in it with her.  Not only did they share in it, but they applauded her efforts.   She has always been the patient observer, and last night we observed her moment together.

When I tucked her in, I told her how proud I was.  I told her what a wonderful job she had done and that she was the most beautiful child on stage. And, for me, she absolutely was.  Of course, I was surrounded by 100 other parents who felt exactly the same way about their own child, (as they should).

In Midge’s world last night was a milestone, as it was in mine.  It is the last time I shall have a child perform as first grader.  She is the last child of mine to know the pleasure of having Marcia Tobey as a teacher.  And, as far as firsts go, she nailed it.  Her first on stage debut was a huge success!