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The World According to Midge

The Gathering


In August of 2007 my mother passed away, and in the days that followed, family members gathered in my home. 

It is truly with bittersweet irony that one of my fondest Midge moments occurred during such a time of sadness.

My house was full, full of life and love for a woman who touched each and every one of us so profoundly.  She was an amazing woman, who was known to many as a best friend, an incredible sister, a loving wife, grandmother extraordinaire, and I can only hope that my children will think of me someday as I will always think of her. 

In this time of confusion and sorrow we assembled on the back deck of my home.  It was an occasion of quiet away from the busy task of planning, scurrying, phone calls.  A moment from the whirlwind, which began just seconds after her passing and hadn’t stopped until just then, there in silence.  An occasional comment, a memory was shared.  It was quiet.  It was the calm during the storm.

It was amidst this gathering that Midge came out onto the deck with every color of nail polish you can possibly imagine – orange, blue, green, purple…………… 

She plopped herself down in the middle of all of us and began to paint her fingernails and toenails.

Upon completion, very proud of herself, she announced that she wanted to paint our toenails.  

And, so it began.

Midge painted the toenails of those around her, yes regardless of gender.  We watched her little fingers paint and how she carefully picked different colors for each toe, working meticulously. 

The day was beautiful.  The sun was blazing.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  But, it could have been pouring, and we all would have felt the same. 

In a time of mourning, Midge delivered true sunshine with her tiny bottles of nail polish.