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Spring has sprung.....

Spring was my mothers favorite time of year, so on this beautiful day, which marks the beginning of the season she so enjoyed...  I sit alone remembering her.

The sun is shining...  the robins keep landing on the deck out back... the last of the snow is melting off my roof. 

Somewhere, my mother is thrilled that Spring has sprung..  It means the beginning of baseball season, the blooming of spring flowers and time to open the windows and bring in the fresh air. 

However, it also means Ryan is preparing to graduate and move on to high school, my Midge will finish kindergarten and become a first grader, and my beautiful Sidney will dance, yet again, in another recital.  All of which we will get through but not without feeling the void she has left behind.  

People always ask if it ever gets easier after losing a loved one, and it doesn't.  The truth is, the intensity of our loss changes, but it never truly gets easier.

Spring is a reminder of many things, for many of us.  On this day, for me, it is a reminder of my mother, what she meant to us and the joy she found in something as simple as the changing of the season.