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Fallen behind in writing this week-end.  Football play-offs.  Unpacking.  Good friend's retirement party.  Will try to make up for lost time tomorrow.
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Today while typing, the words just seem to flow for almost two hours.  The story just seemed to keep coming to me while I was typing.  I was  tired at the end of the two hours.  I took a break to do some yard work before coming back to the computer.
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Not a good writing day.  Had an eye appointment and other chores.   I may still try to get some words down this evening.
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Wrote a lot today. Nervous about the election.  Another 2500 words. 
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Well, I am actually writing.  I read Ivory Madison's 10 tips on her October 31  blog entry and I thought, I am going to try her advice.  I am not  deleting, or editing or worrying about tense, voice etc.  I am inserting brackets where I will need to research later.  I have 6000 words on November 3...
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This was a busy Sunday.  Getting a late start on writing today.  Already dark and not quite 6 pm. But early in out of the yard gives me time to write.
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I organized my desk.  I gathered the collection of papers that contain bits and pieces of my story and have begun.
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I am  going to  give it my best shot to complete a story that I have been carrying around with me for many years.  When I received the email about NaNoWriMo 2008, I was inspired.  Thank you Ivory Madison for the nudge in the right direction. Organizing my desk to get started on November 1.
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