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Dec 2011

Currently living in Israel. Married with seven children. Have been writing my entire life. Scribbled down nonsense for years. My husband and children know I write. I am either writing or reading in between the laundry and cooking. My favorite author is Larry Brown. My favorite book is Faye. I am not a trust fund baby. Most of the time we just finish the month financially. Sometimes I am hungry because we had to pay a bill. I always feed the children first. I would buy myself a book before food. I can't live without words. I make up stories in my head. I have never been published. I have a degree in Ceramic Art and Design. I used to throw pots. I have a brent CXC in my kitchen. I don't use it anymore. I want an agent who will read the stuff I wrote.  I want an agent who will think I am worth their time and effort. I want to publish at least one book before I die. I am forty seven. I hope I live longer then Larry Brown.

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