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Voice Training for Public Speaking

When asked. "What’s happening with you?", I have to answer:  "You’ll probably never guess. I’m studying voice!" (Vocal Power by Roger Love (CDs)).

Now that I'm an author i must market my novels and meet readers. It's vital to get my name and my books known. Because of this, my voice has become critical to my success.

Sitting in front of a computer doesn't challenge my voice.  I may not speak for hours. I no longer work in Corporate America. Instead, I work at home in my p.j.'s. There is no interaction with co-workers so my voice has not had that much use these past years. It's out of practice.

I’ve given talks where there is no microphone. Sometimes, my voice comes out too soft--hard to hear. I have to learn to project out about ten feet in front of me with the sounds riding out on my breath of air.

Now I raise my shoulders when I breathe. I’m learning proper breathing--drawing air in through my nose to the bottom of my lungs so that my belly pushes out. Then I use the diaphragm to pull my stomach back in, expelling air. I’m to speak as the air expels and stop when it runs out. It seems I keep trying to talk after the breath is done. It strains my voice and makes it sound harsher. Who knew?

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JoAnn, I'm going to be participating in my first panel next month. Since I, too, spend my days sitting in front of my computer, I'm glad to read your tips for public speaking.

Huntington Sharp, Editor, Red Room

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Glad to share, Huntington.