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Vocal Variety

Asked, "What’s happening with you?", I answer, "You’d probably never guess. I’m studying voice (Vocal Power by Roger Love (CDs))."

I’ve been on panels and have given talks where no microphone is provided. Sometimes, my voice comes out soft and hard to hear. Right now I raise my shoulders when I breathe. I’m learning to project my voice through proper breathing.

I’m practicing drawing air in through my nose to the bottom of my lungs so that my belly pushes out. Then I use the diaphragm to pull my stomach back in, expelling air. I’m to speak as the air expels and stop when it runs out. It seems I keep trying to talk after the air has run out. It strains my voice and makes it sound harsher. Who knew?

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How wonderful to hear. I teach voice (Bel Canto) and my students are always amazed at how their projection increases - as well as their range.

When I teach them to increase their breath capacity - I have them breathe in like they are sucking through a straw...using the mouth. I have them imagine the diaphragm as a balloon and the straw fills it up. When they expell the air - as you described - it's like squeezing the baloon.

Sometimes when they are struggling with projecting - increasing the volume. I will have them say Ahhhhh, and come from behind them with my hands on the tummy and pull the tummmy in for them and immediately the sound increases.

Amazing - congratulations, and enjoy!

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I'm going to try that straw idea, Sharon.