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I wrote down some weighty goals for the New Year. On looking at them, some would seem too ambitious to achieve. Yet, inside I have an optimism that this year I might surprise everyone, and perhaps myself, by accomplishing many of them.

I feel in my insides that the sweat equity I invested over the past seven years to learn my craft and the hard work I put in to market my novels are about to pay off. Grandiose as my goals may sound to some, it is my belief that I earned a chance at them. It's time for me to start reaping rewards.

Here are my goals for 2011:
1. Sell my western romance manuscript.
2. Get an agent.
3. Transition into a paid public speaker.
4. Complete my paranormal suspense novel and sell it.
5. Start writing my medieval comedy.

All this doesn't mean that, after this year, the hard work is over. I expect to spend vast amounts of time and energy every year that I write. It’s the lot of an author.