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joan gives an overview of the book:

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JOAN STEPP SMITH’S In A Pasture With Palominos is a one of the most exciting

and original collections of poetry in recent years. Conceptually brilliant,

verbally breath taking and stylistically innovative, Joan Stepp Smith’s poetry

invigorates and recalibrates all of the complex issues of art and experience. The

pleasures of these poems are many, including the discovery of the poet’s complex

narrative architectures and high-wire verbal antics [calisthenics?] that

both surprise us and are able to alter a poem at moment’s notice. There are

elements here of high farce and serious philosophical meditation, of intimate

memoir and classical ode. Sometimes elegantly discrete and sometimes operatically

grand, Joan Stepp Smith’s poetry can shift at every turn and bend the

mind to new and sometimes alarming directions [and dimensions].

There is a sweeping cinematic grandeur here, and at times, a tremor of

worldly anxiety runs the course of a whole passage. It is this combination of

disquiet and bravado that I admire so deeply in Joan Stepp Smith’s work,

along with her fiercely inventive language play. Once in a while a poet emerges

who leaves us shaken with her accomplishments and wisdoms. In A Pasture

With Palominos is a book of wonder.

David St. John

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About joan

Joan Stepp Smith is a native San Franciscan. She has degrees in English and Art History from the University of California at Berkeley and Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in London. She founded STARWORKS, a San Francisco public relations and conceptual...

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