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Conversation With a Bad Girl
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By her own admission, Ellen Sussman has always been bad. But how exactly does 'bad' play out when one is a mother, a wife, and of 'a certain age'? Through art, of course.

In Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbehave, Ellen shared the story of ripping her clothes off to jump naked into the ocean -- in front of her husband and his boss. According to Sussman, that was just one of her many antics.

Artists pride themselves on being unpredictable. We love to surprise, and relish any chance to catch our audience off guard. Sometimes we even do things (or write them) for the shock value. But, contrary to what critical observers might assume, these choices are not merely attention grabbers. It's more about the writer as the shaker up of preconceptions, prejudices, mores and morals. It's about the writer as the lightning rod of change.

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