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Plug from Leslie Gray Streeter in Palm Beach Post

Live-blogging the “American Idol” premiere
by Leslie Gray Streeter | January 13th, 2009 | American Idol
Katrina Darrell, aka Bikini Girl

Katrina Darrell, aka Bikini Girl

8:00 PM: An hour ago, I had dinner with a fabulous jazz singer named Joan Cartwright, who has written a guide for aspiring songbirds called “So, You Want To Be A Singer,” in which she writes “The road up is longer than the road down.”

That’s something all the singerlings we’re about to see begin their road to stardom on “American Idol” are about to find out. And that’s also something that those of us who are going to watch this thing for the next five months are gonna learn as well.

Good luck with all that.

The show began with “Idol” justifying its own existence, including a retrospective of all the past winners, and a really funny video of rabid tiny David Archuleta fans reacting to his losing last season with disbelief that’s probably only funny to people who are not them. (Sorry, girlies.)

Oh Lord. Footage of a large person in a bunny suit accosting Simon in a very personal way. That’s a memory I’d managed to forget with the passage of time and the downing of many shots of tequila. Thank you, Show, for bringing it all back.

Off to find a cork screw on commercial break….


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