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Happiness in My Life
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JC and Bird in Bahamas

In my life, happiness is tied up with how much I appreciate everything in my life, including environment, family, friends, career and all else that I encounter. At the top of the list of things that make me happy, spending Christmas Day with my father, who is 90. Hearing from my children on my birthday and Christmas come next. The week I spent in the Bahamas with my brother who was determined to take me "home", that is, to Long Island, Bahamas, where my father, his mother and father were born is third. Fourth, is talking with my best friend who is not subdued by ovarian cancer, but high-spirited while she is taking chemotherapy. Finally, the videos of members of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. brought smiles to my face, once I finished uploading them to www.youtube.com/divajc. In addition, I'm so appreciative of where I live, on a lake, in Florida, where I can truly enjoy The Sun, The Wind, The Lake, Birds and all of my cyberfriends. The New Year has much to offer and I'm happy to say that I am anticipating even more happiness in 2010! So, my happiness is directly related to how much I realize all that I have to appreciate.

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The first step is

The first step is appreciation. Well said, Joan. I'm glad you've had many happy moments this year. Me too. Happy 2010! Let the good times roll....