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Because of my good friend, vocalist Sandra Kaye, from Dallas, TX, I had the great good fortune to perform in Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin China for five months in 2006. As a Jazz and Blues singer, I was contracted to perform at CJW Clubs in Shanghai in Xiantindi and at the Westin Hotel for...
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THIS IS TO BE A FAMOUS LETTER This is to be a famous letter. My life is deeply enmeshed in yours. You blossom in the corner of my mind and live there. The image laughs with me. We think with common attitudes. Like-minded, we absorb together the gist of life. Lovingly, we feed on the melody in music...
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What does it mean when your get up and go got up and went? Am I tired? Am I depressed? Am I bored? Life's changes tend to send us in a tailspin and, much like childbirth, after the storm, the quiet tends to put us in a funk that is quite unexplainable. In February, I faced an upheaval that tossed...
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This year, after living in a spacious two-bedroom, two-bath apartment on a gorgeous lake for six years, I have uprooted my life to downsize. Downsize. This is a word that has harassed so many people in the past decade that it is not funny. From the Tsunami in Indonesia and the more recent one in...
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Identity: Passport To Success by Stedman Graham aligns with my ideal that knowing your purpose and reinventing yourself on a regular basis is the key to life. The voices of women are so important in this day and age. But Stedman Graham hits the proverbial nail on the head, when he...
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Help me get to Europe in May My paper “Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians” discusses the systematic omission of women from big bands, except all-female bands, and the importance of hiring women musicians for music projects, especially, jazz projects. The paper has been accepted for...
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On July 26, 2011, I participated in an author's roundtable at the Courtyard Marriott on Bayshore Drive, in Coconut Grove, Miami. Along with 9 other authors, I presented my book and discussed questions posed to all of us. The audience was minimal but everyone in attendance enjoyed the...
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Amazing Musicwomen (hard cover)
For 14 years, I've collected data about women musicians, particularly those in blues and jazz in America. I received several grants from my county school board to present the story of Amazing Musicwomen and over 8,000 children in Florida, China and Japan have benefitted from this presentation. See...
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Blenheim Palace and the Duke of Marlborough
The first time I went to England, was back in the 1990s. I had two days layover before returning to the U.S., after touring in France and Switzerland. The most memorable thing was that my dollar was worth only 48 cents in London. This was truly scary because all I had to spend in these two days was...
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So, You Want To Be A Singer? A manual for up-and-coming divas, musicians and composers.
For three years, I've been trying to get my books into the schools in South Florida to no avail. I took copies of my soft cover books to the school board purchasing department and received a letter weeks later stating that the materials contain rich information about music, women in jazz and blues...
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For 58 years, I've stood on a stage and engaged in my favorite things, dancing and singing. Now, the dancing is minimal and the singing is from habit and the opportunity to derive income for everyday expenses. Ahhh, the Art of Making Money by artists whose work is multi-decade in nature. Being...
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After decades of meditating, learning to be still, I found that life itself, just breathing consciously is meditation. My spiritual journey is captured in my book The Moon, Sun Showers, Rainbows and Whipped Cream Clouds. This poem says it all for me. I AM THAT, I AM What Am I...
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During my stay in Kingston, Jamaica, where I performed for the U.S. Embassy's Blues on the Green Concert on February 26, 2010, I visited two primary schools: Linstead and Windwood Road, where I shared my books with several students ages 10-14. They sang songs from my book SONGS FOR MY CHILDREN,...
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Joan Cartwright Song Book
A song entitled "Moving Song" was the first thing I wrote. It's one of the 41 songs in the JOAN CARTWRIGHT SONG BOOK. I am the first woman in the world to publish a Jazz and Blues song book. These songs are a part of my first book IN PURSUIT OF A MELODY, a compilation of memoirs of my  ...
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JC and Bird in Bahamas
In my life, happiness is tied up with how much I appreciate everything in my life, including environment, family, friends, career and all else that I encounter. At the top of the list of things that make me happy, spending Christmas Day with my father, who is 90. Hearing from my children on my...
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