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UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group 19th Annual Roth Lecture


I've been invited to give the ERG (Energy and Resources Group) talk at UCB on April 26th at 4:30 PM. The title of the talk- “The Punctuated Equilibrium of Social Progress”. The talk will be at the Sibley auditorium which seats 400. The theme of the talk is how change happens and what one might do to spark change when it is stalled. This through the lens of MoveOn, MomsRising, Custom-Fit Workplace with an emphasis on telework and Living Room Conversations, which will be used to illustrate change dynamics and approaches. We want to encourage potential champions interested in climate and work culture change to attend. In particular I'm hoping the talk will further validate the Custom Fit Workplace initiative and Living Room Conversations enabling us to move these initiatives forward more rapidly. (Climate is one of ERG's top issues.)

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Dec.03.2007 - 11:20 am
Very few Americans realize that there is deep bias against mothers in this country and that we are undermining family's ability to care for children. We have launched a new blog...
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Her mood is as sunny as the Berkeley, California, home from which she and husband Wes Boyd oversee their political-action website, MoveOn.org. “I have a real sense of optimism...