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Oct 2011

Jo Hamilton, born on an Iowa farm in the heartland of America, while in junior high school, published her first short story in the national magazine, "The Student Writer," and received acash award. As an adult, one of her poems was selected for publication in the poetry book "Sunspots," by Palomar. She was also presented "The Golden Poet Award for 1989” inWashington DC by Bob Hope, Helen Hayes, and Willard Scott for the poem “His House.”

Jo attended school in Minnesota for medical technology. She worked in traditional Western medicine, as a teacher and health care worker, for 27 years. Following the tragic family crisis described in “For the Love of Scott!” by Olmstead Publishing, Jo left the medical field angry, bitter, and disillusioned. 

Because of this experience, Jo investigated alternative modalities and began writing a new chapter in her own life. She studied the power of energetic healing touch, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. Jo’s path led her to work as an acute care hospice volunteer. In 2000, Jo became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Besides therapeutic massage, her private practice includes aromatherapy, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, Reiki, and Raindrop Therapy Technique. Jo also teaches Reiki and meditation classes.

  • Literary Works:

    *  1964-Short Story--"Because of a Doll"-The Student Writer 2/1964-nationally published-monthly magazine published by the Academy Publishing Corporation-Fort Lauderdale, FL
    *  1971- Poem-"I Suppose"-Sunspots-Collection of Contemporary Original Poetry-published by Palomar Publishing Company-CA (2/1971)
    *  1979- Poem- "Forever At Least"-Best Loved Contemporary Poems-2/1979-World of Poetry Press-Sacramento, CA (2/1979)
    *  1981-Poem- "It's Easy"-The World’s Great Contemporary Poems-World of Poetry Press-Sacramento, CA (2/1981)
    *1989-Poem-"His House"-The World Treasury of Great Poems Vol. III World of Poetry Press-Sacramento, CA (2/1989)




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