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Blogging: A Delicious Post Devoured In One Bite
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How do I combine great needed content and infuse my post with perspective and background to make it real for the reader?

Too many writers who blog only serve the fried hamburger. Sure, I'll attract the hungry viewers, but once they're full, they'll linger away. Unless they're starving, chances are...they'll never return. They'll probably discover a better meal down the road.

I can eat fried hamburger, but I find it rather bland on its own. Now, if I add onions and a few spices, I'd much rather enjoy the taste. Like published posts for my blog, it takes more than fantastic content to entice the reader. My post must be relevant, fresh and creative to give smart solutions to my readers' significant problems the zing they've been searching for.

Liven up those taste buds. The trick in creating a tasty post is to mix the ingredients-blend the meat with the spices to create a delicious meal.

Great food, fabulous company, now what else could a person want? Oh, yeah I forgot the conversation. Dinner just wouldn't be dinner around my house without the usual table talk - readers want solutions they can talk about.

The fried hamburger is the meat the reader wants-the facts and smart solutions to their significant problems. Sprinkle in the spices, and I'll have added in personality and style-the fun and interesting content to stimulate the brain. Now I'll serve the meal with love, rolling in the respect and care the reader deserves-the conclusive message will meet the reader's true appreciation and have them coming back for second servings.

By taking 6 dry yet very important facts (highlighted and underlined in the above article), you can ‘conquer all obstacles‘ by creating a delicious post. In just one bite, the reader devoured the post and is left feeling full and very satisfied.


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