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Who Likes To Get Naked?
Who likes to get naked?

A great title can capture an audiences' attention...GOTCHA!

Now that I have your attention, I'm going to focus today's posts on AUTHOR PLATFORMS-the reason why every writer should spend the time designing a bragging article about who he/she is and what they write.

In a bookstore or on the selling page of a site, your book sits among thousands of other books. Your blog/website hovers in cyberspace, naked, and among millions of others.

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Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
Internet Promotional Manager/Professional Support Network for Writers
http://www.premiumpromotions.blogspot.com http://www.gr5mom2.wordpress.com
“You Write – We Promote” “Conquer All Obstacles"

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There is something in what you say, Jo-Anne. The great thing about Red Room is that authors' online homes don't need to hover alone anymore. With a supportive community full of both talented experts and networking novices, but what we have in common is no more alienation in what can be a pretty big and scary internet. I'm so glad you're here, and I'm looking forward to the tips you'll share with everyone.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room