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You help animals. Do you help people, too?
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There are people who give up so much to help others. When they need help, where are those they have helped?

This woman, Lee Ann Marcum Fial, needs your help. If we can help injured dogs and cats, why not help a person who has helped so many and finds herself in difficult circumstances?

For those that care, Kenny finally got a decent paying job, but he got it a bit to late, We have till August 30th to come up with $908.04 to go with the thousand we already have or we lose our home for 2009 taxes, we have struggled and fought and we are doing all we can to get help to save our home.

If anyone doesn't believe me they can call the Chancery Clerks office and ask them. I have tried to get a extension and found out from them what happens if they aren't paid. I was told straight from them and a lawyer in Biloxi we spoke to, that if we don't have the money by noon on the 30th, they will sign my home over to the company that bid on it and we will be evicted. I would be able to go to court and fight for it, but it will cost more then the home in attorneys fees, and we still may not win. I am going to keep fighting to find a way to get the money, but if I don't, you all will know what happened. I have helped a lot of people in my past, any way I can, and I guess now I am paying the price, for no good deed goes unpunished. If you have any questions, just inbox me.

Can you help? Will you help?

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