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Counting Down the Days

In less than two weeks, we all have a choice to make, whether to vote for the Democratic incumbent President of the United States or choose the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. Frankly, it is not much of a choice.

During the election four years ago, many people decided to vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils. People were afraid of Senator McCain because of he would continue with the business as usual policy that has been the hallmark of Republican politics recently, but people were more afraid of what Governor Sarah Palin brought to the table.

McCain made a major blunder choosing Palin because voters saw his choice as a token woman to face down the black man running for the Democrats, Barack Hussein Obama. His plan failed miserably, but then how could it succeed with a running mate who went on record as a firm believer in Creationism. Her family's foibles and her daughter's teenage pregnancy did not help McCain's campaign, but the Republicans have lost sight of what is important to the people and what Republicans have always stood for: a strong economy, hard working middle class, and American integrity.

Obama was charismatic and he seemed to connect with the middle class, a solid sector of the voting public he needed to charm and win over to his side in order to win the election -- and he did. Coupled with the unspoken guilt of ancestors having bought and sold slaves until Lincoln freed them with the Emancipation Proclamation, a move I should add that won him no friends and a bullet at the theater.

Lincoln was a shining example of what Republicans have stood for in the past: doing what needs to be done no matter the cost. In Lincoln's case, the cost was his life.

It seems repugnant that Obama has likened himself to Abraham Lincoln, especially when Obama is nothing like Lincoln. But one thing Obama does have is enough brains to realize what the American public wants to see and to hear and he gives it to them with empty rhetoric most of them cannot parse and slogans like "Hope and Change."

After eight years of George W. Bush who, during his last term in office, came to symbolize everything that was wrong with Republican politics and America, Obama was a shoe-in. Hillary Clinton had too much of the Clinton double-dealing and dishonesty for Americans to get past, especially since the shine had long since worn off Bill Clinton. Since Hillary was unable to connect with the middle class, she was never a real threat to Obama's run for the White House, a run that began long before he entered the 2008 presidential race.

Now we have Mitt Romney, another Republican who is out of touch with the middle class, as are most billionaires, and his running mate Paul Ryan, who is even more out of touch and who also symbolizes everything that is wrong with the far right leaning Republican party.

Romney and Ryan have co-opted the Tea Party, a group that came to the national stage in the wake of Obama's sweeping win in 2008, a movement that has been perverted for the far right of the Republican party currently in control of the political engine. Once again, the Republican party is busily digging its own grave and sentencing Americans to the final stage of Obama's plan to deconstruct the American Dream and topple the United States from its position as a super power.

In these last few days before we seal our fate and the fate of America here and abroad, it is time to take stock of the past four years and see if we are better off with Obama at the helm or with Mitt Romney in the Oval Office. It may not be a choice between the lesser of two evils, but a choice between the end of America as we know it and a president who will be business as usual, which is something we can live with as we have lived with politicians like Romney in the past. We got through George W. Bush; we can get through Romney's presidency as well. I doubt we will be able to live through another four years of Obama.

Obama is adept at political sleight of hand, a political magician intent on bringing America down. The Obama Choir, as author Dinesh D'Souza calls them, will continue to sing Obama's praises no matter what he does -- because Obama looks good while he is performing, and he is the consummate performer.

During the first days of his presidency, Obama forced a stimulus package down the collective throats of Congress, maintaining that unemployment would soar to double digits in months if his bill was not passed. He predicted doom and gloom, a legacy of Bush's administration, if he did not act quickly and promised that with the $800 billion bill unemployment would immediately drop to 5.6%. The bill passed and unemployment went from about 7.5% to 8% to a high of 10.3%, and has gone as high as 14.9%. That was some expensive stimulus that stimulated nothing but the national debt.

The real need to rush to push the pork laden package through Congress was because Obama needed to beat the end of the fiscal year so that his spending would be counted under Bush's tally. What few voters realize is that over the next 10 years the stimulus bill will add another $16 trillion dollars to the deficit, some of which will land on some other man's plate. It is a neat trick if you can pull it off, which Obama did. After all, Bill Clinton and the Democratic party still claim Clinton left office with a balanced budget and a surplus in the Treasury, except that is not true either. Clinton merely cooked the books, using money from Social Security to cover his financial shell game so he looked good. After all, in American politics today, it seems to be appearances that matter more than facts. The real truth behind Clinton's lie can be easily found at the Federal Reserve where all the data is compiled.

Obama did choose the right party to make his run for the White House and he knows which buttons to push to make people feel good. What is better than Hope and Change to mobilize the apathetic masses still reeling from eight years of Republican rule in which political prisoners and terrorists were tortured and the economy was in a serious recession?

Obama has chosen to ally himself with the black vote by claiming to understand what it was like being black in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, in spite of being brought up in a white household, son of an African Luo tribesman and an upper middle class white woman rebelling against a privileged life, and being exposed to Third World cultures through his stepfather Lolo Soetero, an Indonesian Muslim. Obama did not understand the black plight and he did not care about or understand Malcolm X or Rev. Martin Luther King. It was merely a political maneuver.

Obama realized that in order to be President of the United States, he would have to win middle class Americans, and he did. Obama appealed to their unspoken guilt over Civil Rights and Slavery and offered them a chance to redeem themselves by voting for a bi-racial candidate who looked good, spoke well, and dressed in tailored suits. Middle class Americans could feel good about voting for a man claiming to be a black man even though he was of mixed race because he was not the usual angry black man, like Malcolm X, or a loud-mouthed black huckster, like Jesse Jackson. Obama could almost be white, or at least a coconut, a derivative racial term for black on the outside and white on the inside, the modern version of an Uncle Tom without the subservience.

Obama waged a campaign like a master gamesman claiming that race was not an issue -- as it should not have been if the candidate had been Colin Power or any other viable black candidate -- and played the race card whenever anyone -- any white wo/man -- opposed him. If you disagreed with Obama it was because he is black. Such tactics are divisive and Obama divided the country into warring factions, all the while the Obama Choir continued to sing his praises.

Obama stated early on that the only marriage acceptable in his views was between a man and a woman even though he won the hearts and votes of gay voters by holding out the possibility of civil unions that would give gays legal rights that marriage gives traditional male-female couples. Joe Biden, as usual with his foot firmly stuck in his mouth, backed Obama into a corner and Obama had to come down on the side of same sex marriage, a move he wouldn't have made without being backed into a corner by his Vice-President.

Obama won over the staunchly Democratic Jews and then turned his back on Israel, a strong U.S. ally. Obama was no fan of any of America's allies and has proven his animosity to Britain, for instance, by his rude and dismissive attitude toward the British ambassador and the Queen of England, making it his first act in the Oval Office to have the bust of Winston Churchill removed and returned to the United Kingdom without delay or apology. Obama continues to slight American allies.

In a more recent maneuver during talks with North Korea and Iran on nuclear armament, President Obama came away from those talks with no concession from either North Korea or Iran, although he did manage to downsize Russia and America's nuclear arsenals by 20%. Obama does not seem bothered by a nuclear Iran and has not done anything to slow down North Korea's nuclear program in any way. The talks did more to enhance and support North Korea and Iran's nuclear plans than to curtail them. That certainly was not in America's, or even the world's, best interests.

Obama has also bolstered his image by going after the 1%, the fat cats that have raped and pillaged the U.S. economy and widened the gap between the rich and the poor and further decimated a dwindling middle class.

Romney certainly has not done his campaign or himself any favors by being part of the 1% or by refusing to make his tax returns public. Of course, Obama doesn't mention that he too is part of the 1%, and I never saw any facts or figures that showed that Obama declined his presidential salary -- or the cost of his entourage as he tours the world and America on his apology tour and never ceasing campaign trail.

There is one fact that few people realize. Romney declined his salary as Massachusetts governor during his entire term of office. Romney makes a lot of mistakes, but on that issue, he shines brighter than any other wealthy candidate in any political arena. Romney also declined to run for another term as governor in 2007 and made his bid to run for President of the United States. Obama never finished his freshman term of office in the Senate, and indeed has not finished any of his terms of political office, seeing them more as stepping stones to the Oval Office instead of a public trust voted him by the people he was supposed to support.

And then there is health care, or Obamacare as it is called. The Supreme Court is still ruling on the points of Obama's universal health care policy and there again Romney is ahead of him. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney enacted health care reform that made near-universal health insurance access via subsidies and state-level mandates that was the first such program in the country. It does not hurt to mention that Romney also enacted a series of budget cuts and increases in fees that eliminated up to $1.5 billion in budget deficits. Meanwhile, Obama has sent the national deficit soaring, even though it looks like it was Bush's fault and will be the fault of presidents to come as the other shoe lands with a leaden thud.

In spite of Obama's takeover of two of the Big 3 American auto companies, banks with his no paybacks of federal funds (taxpayer funds) in bail-out money whether they needed it or not, and the way Obamacare adds hundreds of billions of dollars in business to the insurance companies, AIG included, what looks like rescuing the economy is little more than a way to sink the national economy and look good while he's doing it.

What this all amounts to, and it is the tip of a very big and very dangerous iceberg, is that America cannot afford Obama for another term in office. Say what you want about Romney -- and I have been very vocal in my opposition to Mitt Romney over the past year -- it all comes down to a choice, not between the lesser of two evils, but between evil we can survive and an evil from which this country and the American people may never recover.

Obama looks good in his tailored suits and short hair cut smiling his big smile and cracking his presidential whip, but he is a good magician with a lot of nasty tricks in his bag and, as he has amply proven, he will destroy America's international status and our economy, the effects of which we have yet to feel.

This is not about how Obama supports offshore oil drilling in Brazil with taxpayer dollars while shutting down America's offshore drilling and turning his back on the BP oil spill in the Gulf, but about his destructive agenda. Soaring unemployment, trillions of dollars in national debt and tens of trillions more to come, a universal health care program that is anything but universal or affordable, and an economy that is buoyed on hope and change that have not yet come.

We cannot afford four more years of Obama, but we can survive four years of Romney. We have done it before and will do it again. Do not be fooled. Obama is no more like Malcolm X, Rev. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, or Abraham Lincoln. Those men at least had the good of the people at heart. Obama does not.

It is time for a change and I hope the voters will see that and give Obama his walking papers come the November election. It is time to sort out the damage and put America back on track.