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Amazon usually hits me with movies or books I might like by using what I've already bought. Divergent by Veronica Roth is one of those books. I saw a trailer for the movie and, after reading the book I have one thing to say. The actress playing Tris is not at all how I pictured her. She is too tall...
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I saw a video while following another news story. The headline got my attention. Why wouldn't a smart young woman with a 4.0 grade average be able to get into college? The headline was manipulative and so was the plea by the teacher, Clint Smith. That is what the whole video was designed to do. I...
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I finally got a call back from the mortgage guy at Northstar Bank of Colorado this morning, 2 calls in fact. The first call is where I pitched Andre, the mortgage guy my plan: 80/20 mortgage, no down, 15-year fixed with a 6-year loan for down payment and closing costs. I explained my situation (no...
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This has been a time of life choices and changes. In November 2013, I was informed that my house was part of a bank foreclosure on $2 million worth of properties. No wonder it took me so long to get the roof fixed on the back addition to this house. Now I understand why getting anything done was so...
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Sunday when I woke up there was a big black blotch in my right eye. Horrors! My first thought was retinal tear. I just got back from the eye doctor's. It's not a retinal tear. I was somewhat less anxious when the blotch immediately began to dissipate Sunday, but I needed a second opinion,...
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Time hopping, reincarnation, and romance with a little last miute thriller thrown are the rage of late. The most recent entry into this compilation of genres is Lucinda Riley's The Midnight Rose. What begins with a 20-something actress filming in the English countryside while a 90-year-old Indian...
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I began this journey with Jac L'Etoile in Seduction and I admit it was a bit difficult getting into the rhythm of the way the book is put together. The historical perspectives were very much like Jac's memory lurches and were a bit disconcerting. I've read several books in the series culminating in...
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I want to tell you about guns in schools. During the riots in Panama when my father was stationed at Fort Gulick in the Canal Zone, there were armed guards in our homes at night to protect us while we slept, to protect us from the snipers that surrounded the building we lived in. There were...
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Once a year, I get a thank you card for a Xmas gift. The card is always from Laura, Mary Ann's daughter-in-law. I received it yesterday. She and Jeremy won't be stationed in Colorado Springs as previously believed, but will be going to El Paso in the spring. I'm a little bummed because I thought...
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After seeing The Lair of the White Worm again, the movie version with Amanda Donohoe and that old staple of British film, Hugh Grant, I decided once again to read the book by Bram Stoker. I've read several of Stoker's books, one of my favorite of which is The Jewel of Seven Stars, but was not...
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Books have been at the center of my life for as long as I can remember and I don't remember a lot of Dick and Jane or beginning readers. I started with the newspaper and any book I got my hands on. I didn't understand that children didn't read Virgil, Homer, or Edgar Rice Burroughs, although it...
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I just saw the words, Jimmy Firenipples, and I'm not sure I want to delve any further into the mystery. I think the words are enough to get stuck in my brain. One of my gifts arrived (finally) yesterday despite the Priority Mail guarantee of 1-2 days. This took a week, which is, to my mind, far...
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Australia gave us Mad Max in a post apocalyptic world. Now there is Tony McFadden with a new twist on history and physics and vampires. By the way, there is no such thing as vampires, just aliens who gave Bram Stoker the idea for vampires. Or at least that is the way the story goes. Take 2 tall,...
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Not having holidays is not surprise to me. I work in the health care industry as a medical transcriptionist and the company I work for doesn't give us holidays off -- none of them. I work through Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and every other holiday that falls on a weekday. It's the price I...
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In my search to find new and interesting books to read, I came across The Darkness of Shadows by Chris Little. Talk about unusual and yet familiar. This urban fantasy shows its roots without pandering to or stealing from other similar series. Chris Little gives nods to the Anita Blake series and to...
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