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How many times do you edit your blog? I do it more then three times. Many times it is for silly errors of spellings, but sometimes for major changes, like replacing words or adjectives, or for replacing the sentence completely. It happens when you have written your blog in hurry. When you re read it, you may find some changes to be done very necessary. It is the human virtue, especially in writers that they want to be ‘perfectionist’, the virtue very hard to achieve. I like all my writings, being a beginner, however some time I sense ‘it could be better’ like feeling.

                   My favorite author is Alberto Moravia. I like him very much because he was very honest to his writing. He never wrote anything just for writing’s sake. He used to read his writing frequently. He was very rigorous editor of himself. In many occasions he replaced whole incident or a chapter, and that to without removing the old one. And at that time he confessed the reason behind it without feeling any guilt. For example in my most favorite novel ‘The lie’ [‘La Attenzion’ In Italian] he wrote an incident of a protagonist passing time with his step daughter ‘Baba’ in his own house when his wife was not present. The scene unusual with father and daughter is like this.


                     ‘Baba’s mouth crushed it self against mine, lips parted and as it were turned inside out, like the open lips of a wound if pressed against a hard surface; then, with lips still parted in the same position, it started turning round inside my mouth, penetrating further and further as it turned, and then, still continuing its turning, penetrating movement, it opened yet wider, gaping like the gullet of a reptile, forming an empty, dark, warm, dry funnel whose edges, nevertheless, melted with saliva which wetted the chin and cheeks of both of us; were wishing to swallow me, and at the bottom of the funnel, which grew steadily larger, warmer, emptier and darker, was her hard, dry, pointed tongue, which every now and then came forward and then withdrew, with spasmodic swiftness. The kiss came to an end because suddenly, as though to deny us the protection and connivance of the darkness, the quit, yellow lamp came on, on the landing. We separated at once; Baba bent down towards the door, possibly in order to hide from me her face smeared with lipstick and wet with saliva.’

            In the very next chapter he confessed that the incident he had described in last chapter was not genuine and what he is writing now is reality. In his own writing,


       ‘Afterwards I re read what I had written and then I understood the reason for my despair. It was directly suggested to me by the manner in which I had described the kiss, I had given Baba. I analyzed the long description of fifteen lines and found I had expressed, in almost every word, a feeling of repulsion, of fear and horror. Whereas in reality, both on my side and on Baba’s, the kiss had been a perfectly normal love kiss, lacking in restraint and full of sweetness almost to the point of insensibility and ecstasy.

         In other words, I certainly loved Baba; but at the source of my love for her, instead of a sincere, unutterable impulse, there was the idea of incest as a transgression and as nothing ness. This idea, or rather ideology, was just as non-genuine as that which had formerly caused me to love and to marry her mother Cora.’


                   The novel is in form of a diary. This is the masterpiece of Moravia, second to ‘Woman of Rome in my opinion.See the ideas for diary writing from Moravia’s point of view.

                    It may seems mysterious but diary does not represent the truth because, at the very moment when the keeper of the diary is recounting an event in which he himself was the protagonist, he is no longer the man who experienced the event but the man who is writing about it; and the man who experienced it is a quite separate character to whom the diarist stand in the relation of a judge or, If you prefer, of a recorder. In reality the diary is always sincere; always truthful, it is merely a question of seeking out the truth behind the events.

                      I purchased this pre owned book which has no cover, so I made one and to mark it sketched one of the incidents from book on cover with black ink pen.



 One can learn more of Moravia at, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberto_Moravia



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Revise, revise, revise...then read it over and revise some more. The writer is rare (and I know one) who writes best on the first go. I wish I was one of those, but the freedom to be awful (at first) keeps me going. It's like repeating a dream over and over, until its meaning becomes clear. So I've been working on this novel for 7 1/2 years and counting...but much closer now than ever. Revisions are actually going quickly now--it's very exciting.

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 Revise will  make your novel perfect, I am sure for that. My best wishes to you.

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Well, Jitu, this is my

Well, Jitu, this is my downfall. I am far too impetuous, never think about what I am going to write until I sit down and see the blank screen, allow my mind to flow and see what comes out. I do not have the discipline to make what makes a successful writer so with that I will sign off and cry myself to sleep! m

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You are a successful writer

You are a successful writer already. Editing does not change the very thought behind writing but makes it more presentable and effective, essential factors for good writing.

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Purpose, reach,edit, revise,value,edit,revise,flow,worthy, edit,

grammar, presentation, etc. etc.

Dear Dr. Jitu,

I can't count the times the above goes through my mind immediately after my first draft. My writing skills without a doubt need attention!

However, I never doubt my message - which keeps me writing, editing and revising countless times, that its wonderous Red Room keeps me:-)

PS - I will be taking my first writing course this February. (I can hear the applaud.) Lol!

Thank you very much for bringing this most important question here, Dr. Jitu.

Catherine Nagle

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Thanks for the comment and

Thanks for the comment and my best wishes for your writing course.

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Yes, edit, edit, edit,

Yes, edit, edit, edit, although I'm a little more lax with blog posts than with novels and competition pieces. I do like the freedom of that. But I always write them in my word format so I can correct what needs correcting and then just cut and paste. At some point we just have to trust our instinct and the message we want to convey and hope someone finds a little nugget within.

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Your comment is

Your comment is beautiful.

  At some point we just have to trust our instinct and the message we want to convey..

                                      I like it.


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Great blog, Jitu! Like

Great blog, Jitu! Like Dorraine, I usually begin in Word and cut and paste into RR. I’ve often deleted sentences, and cut and rearranged whole paragraphs. I reread to hear the flow. Sometimes I print out a longer piece with pen in hand to find little things that don’t sound right or could be better.

When there is a blog topic that catches my attention, I begin with thinking in my head, accessing all my thoughts surrounding the topic. Then when something forms, I like to take it straight to my notebook and start writing. I like beginning with paper and pen. It feels good as I see the words start to form racing across the page. Then I’ll either let my writing sit for a while or else, if I’m fired up, I’ll take it straight to the computer and then go through the “editing” process.

p.s. even though this is response, I cut one sentence and a paragraph and made other minor adjustments. :)

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Thank you Rebb for your

Thank you Rebb for your comment. Using Word is really much helpful, as you said.

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Editing, The Book Cover, The Lie


About editing, I don’t mean to be pessimistic or asking for sympathy, but I’m probably the champion of editing. If anyone had to go to a mental hospital for editing, it would be me, I think. But I’m sure most people see my writing differently. No matter a thousand times I edit, I know my usage of articles, phrases, singular or plural, and so on will never be perfect. Sigh. But that’s okay.

I think the cover of the book looks retro. It matches with the era. About the title, I wonder why the translator changed “La Attenzion” to “The Lie.”

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I don't think anybody here

I don't think anybody here sees your writing differently. Cover picture I sketched depict one of the scene of novel, where protagonist found his daughter in brothel, and he returns back trying to be unnoticed by his daughter,but his image in mirror is there.And it is mystery till the end of novel, whether both know,  they were there on same time or not.

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Editing a blog?

Thanks Jitu, for contacting me and drawing my attention to this piece.

The reason I do not blog often is that it takes me so much time to perfect a piece that either I'd rather not present raw material to a bunch of writers, or spend too much time on it instead of on my fiction....

I like the pains you've taken to create a cover for the coverless book.



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Thank you Talia for your

Thank you Talia for your comment. I can not stand a cover less or a torn book in mu house. I see it as a insult of an author.

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Love the cover, Dr.J! It´s

Love the cover, Dr.J! It´s definitely your copy. I love used books because I can meet other readers in them.

A friend passed me on this article the other day(or maybe I should say passed this article on to me? ;-), maybe you´ll like it: http://www.theamericanscholar.org/writing-english-as-a-second-language/

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best article

Lu, thanks for the article, I read it and have bookmarked for further 'use' [ and not for 'reconsideration' in heavy English].

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Great blog, Jitu

Love the cover!

I usually, not always, revise and edit blogs many times before posting but other times I just post it straight away. It depends how I feel about the finished product. If it feels right first time then that's all there is to it. I have written several blogs that sit on my computer for months because no matter how many times I revise them, I still hate them or feel uncomfortable because they feel empty or wrong.

Hope all is well with you, Jitu!

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All is well here.

Ya, all is well here.Here I wanted to point out that sometime author feels that the whole thinking behind writing particular part was wrong,and honestly corrects it. Thanks for reading.

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The process is a little bit

The process is a little bit like cooking! There is a recipe that can be transformed according to one's taste buds, a little extra chocolate, more salt, a tad of curry powder, less sugar, a thick or a thin sauce, a long saute or a short one, one onions or two. Writing is first and foremost about feeling a connection with what you want to say. Creativity needs to be unleashed even if there is a comma or a period in the proper place or not!

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Yes Mary, but sometime after

Yes Mary, but sometime after writing,writer feels that, it is not at the exact level to his real thought or imagination. Especially in memoir or a diary writing, writer writes some thing what he doesn't really meant. Very few finds courage to confess and replace it.

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And we should be able to eat it with chopsticks!

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I don't know about that Jitu

I don't know about that Jitu - because what is the point then? I mean writing is all about courage, isn't it? Otherwise it is a pointless endeavour. m

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Yup.  I agree.  It's all about courage.  When it comes to the bottom of it, I do not care about the placement of comma or absense of anything.  Written by Nobel prized winners or unknown bloggers, my spirit rises when I find that. 

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Yes Mars,I want to quote Pat

Yes Mars,I want to quote Pat Montandon, in one of our blog conversation she pointed out that 'writer must be honest to his writing.'Obviously writing is pointless endeavor without courage, you have rightly said.

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Smiles Jitu. Courage is all!

Smiles Jitu. Courage is all! Mars

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Dearest friend, Dr. Jitu; You never fail to get us thinking and writing, the mark of a fine writer. When I'm writing a blog I sit at my computer and start writing. I only proof for errors but usually not for content. To me the joy of blogging is not to edit but to let my thoughts flow or stumble onto the paper, er, computer, just as they will, willy nilly. Several times I've had to edit a blog after I've posted it because I misspelled a common word, or rather my typing skills are so bad that I hit the wrong keys. The best writing teacher I ever had was having to keep up with a five-day-a-week column for the San Francisco Examiner. We didn't have computers then and I didn't know how to type. So I wrote my column by hand on yellow legal pads and messengered it to the paper. If I was on an out of town assignment I phoned my copy in to an editor who would be standing by at a given time. What an education that was! I didn't have time to do much thinking or editing.
In London covering Princess Diana wedding I called my copy editor at the appointed hour only to be met by a long silence from the long distance operator. "Hello, are you there, hello. I'm in a dreadful hurry. Finally the operator responded, "What's the first thing you mummy ever taught you?" he asked. I was flummoxed. "'Please and 'Thank you'," he said.In my anxiety to get the call through on time I had been too businesslike for British sensibilities.

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Hi Patsy, your comments are

Hi Patsy, your comments are always meaningful, like one individual blog post. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

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Hi Jitu

One does not really edit.He just writes as many versions of the same idea as he can then he just chooses the bestof them and discard the others!

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Yes, you are right.But

Yes, you are right.But sometimes after choosing the best one,still you want to edit/improve it.Human nature,starving to get perfect.

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It drives me crazy

not to revise my post in RR as much as I would like. It's so hard to find time to post, I pop the blog up after 3 or 4 read through. It's embarrassing to find typos and grammatical problems. Thank you for sharing this.

In my book projects, I am known to revise countless times--14 years worth of revisions and then I still read it out loud for the sound and the flow until I am hoarse!

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Thanks Belle, for reading

Thanks Belle, for reading the blog and comment. Yes,It is really a hard task to read,re-read and revised our own writing.I am happy to see you again here, must be busy for quite a long time.