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The Boss.

Clouds are ready to shower the rain.

Below the building, different people are in different sate of minds.

Vegetable-cart vendor wishes if it could be late for an hour he can sell more.

Parents came to bring-back their children from the school think; rainy day is the best thing after  reaching home.

Beggar in the corner thinks of ‘no food tonight’ if it rains now.

Young Couple behind the restaurant’s glassed window is eagerly waiting for a memorable rainy day.

Student, half visible from the school window is worrying for her new 'Cycle' at open parking.

Teenage girl just rushed on her scooty might have thought ‘Noooo…this is the first day of my new dress.’

I think if it only holds for ten minutes I can go to the clinic on bike, no raincoat needed.

 Up on the sky.

Clouds: you are not my boss. Do whatever you like.

It rains.

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Bravo Jitu. This is

Bravo Jitu. This is wonderful. I love your imagery. I am right there smelling the rain. mars x

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Thinking of you.

Was thinking of you while writing. Rain is at it's fullest.Real pictures of yesterday.Couldn't remove a 'html scripting' for a reason I don't know.Hope you are fine.

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Nice piece, Jitu. It's

Nice piece, Jitu. It's whimsical and like a kaleidoscope.

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It certainly was Rebb. I wonder how one thing appears differently to different minds. Thanks for the reading.



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hi Jitu

I love this. I just read it out to Gina, it's lovely. Thank you.

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Thank you Ryoma,mostly for the reading it out to Gina. You can justify me now for calling you a 'wonderful couple',Hello Gena.

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Jitu, Gina said, "Hello!"

Jitu, Gina said, "Hello!" back to you. All the best to you.