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Soul Ensnared.


Couple was going to be engaged and girl was my friend’s daughter. Happiness was overflowing in the hall. Aroma of delicious food, mixed with the saffron scent. Sanskrit mantras from ‘Vedas’ influenced the occasion in full. I too was enjoying that moment with my family. What one needs after all to be a happy guy?

Few good friends.

loving spouse.

Daughter with fullest understanding.

And a Redroom membership.

Posting something after a long period on Redroom.No new thought, no new story, no new experience of the clinic. Was stuck in many things, not so important to discuss. My body mind and soul missed the redroom, my past friends; some of them vanished in to the blue.

This is just an introductory post of remembering. I salute them for being with me, when most needed. I wanted to come back.

I am back, where my soul is ensnared.

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Hello Jitu, I enjoyed this

Hello Jitu, I enjoyed this short update from a fellow "red roommer." Like you, things happen around us daily, we come and go, in and out, back and forth.... thanks to Red Room, the urge to write something big or small, long or short never goes away!

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Rina,thanks for the comment.Yes,you are right there was always an urge to come back.So am here.

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Glad you are back!

I love that photo. And liked your musings on what we need for happiness.

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Nice to meet you again here

Nice to meet you again here Sue.

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Hey Jitu I am right here too

Hey Jitu I am right here too and it is so nice to see you in Red Room again and by the way, you look marvellous and in the company of true beauty!!! marsx

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Hey Mary.Thanks for warm welcome.Missed you a lot.

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Jitu, I am so happy to see

Jitu, I am so happy to see that you posted a blog. I have missed seeing and hearing about your thoughts. The photo is lovely. You all look so happy. I hope that your daughter’s studies are going well too. I look forward to reading more of you…Glad you came back and put the light on in your Red Room home.

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Rebb,thanks for the comment.Daughter has completed her first year of IT eng.in first class.We are enjoying educating her.I sure am going to post a blog or two in a month onwards.