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This is a picture of poor kids of road-making laborer inside an engineering college where daughter is studying.That was her first day of college life and we were feeling proud and happiness as she got an admission in a stream  she was longing since her schooling.We all had a reason to be happy. But these two poor kid's wore an unconditional happiness on their faces. They have received nothing from the life yet and obviously have nothing to loose except this cheerful smile. Have they?

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Jitu, this photo screams

Jitu, this photo screams pleasure and happiness but who am I to say? Maybe it is what I wish to see, to perceive to dispel my own fears. Maybe the more we have the less we have .................maybe we have much to learn. mars x

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Mars,Its so nice of you looking at the picture and commenting. Yes it may be as you wrote, but we always see what we like to see. Isn't it?

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...by paying attention to them and taking their picture.

I hope they had a home to run to and share their happy experience with a mom and a dad.

But, perhaps the smiles you generated Jitu, might have only been theirs and ours :(

Thanks for sharing this special moment!

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Thank you Wendy. That day was special for me as daughter was up to start her college life. I show her those smiling faces and reminded her the availability of things we possess and opportunities we enjoy. She agreed with me that we have no right to be disappointed on small setbacks.