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Lucky Girl


She is looking at the computer screen for her possible enrollment in far located, second grade engineering college. In between she receives calls from her friends.She learns that they will  get admission in so and so best collages of the city. This makes situation worst for her, as merely  'first grade' would not be enough to achieve her goal. She looks at me with pain-filled eyes and sorrow-filled heart.

 “I could do better dad, what you think?”

“You have already  done good doll, I am happy, and you will get admission.”

“But not in 'Nirma', or 'Vishwa karma', where I can go on my scooty, and where good students are studying?”

“All colleges are same, more or less; and you know that. I am not from the best medical college.”

“But it counts.”

“If you want to.”

“I am not lucky.”

“You are dear.”

“Do you know dad, the first ranker of my school is a 'duffer', he was failed in all his school exams, but  had rankers sitting  around his seat in exam hall, and he copied from them. Now his name will be shining on school-board forever.”

“You can not compare your self with him, you were the best student of physics and maths in your class.”

“Ya,best student! Who has to travel 100 km daily to study in some second grade collage.”

I remain silent, she has a point.

“Even 'Mitali' will get admission in Nirma”, she says.

“She is from back-ward class, they have reservations.”

“I have neither”

“We are Brahmins, with best culture and heritage,”

“Culture which never helps.”

I remain silent, she has a point.

“And you know dad that scoundrel 'Sudi' will get 'Vishwa karma'- IT?”

“His father is a millionaire,so they can afford capitation fees, and they have political influences too”, I reply.

“I have neither of that two, see how unlucky I am?”

I don’t remain silent, I have  points.

I gaze direct to his pale eyes.

“You are lucky,for you have passed, many students are failed”, I say. She is looking at the floor.

“And you are lucky, for your father can afford your education fees, many's can not.”

“You are lucky, that our forefathers were not humiliated, discriminated and considered as untouchables in their time.”

“You are lucky, that God gives you beauty with the brain, honest soul, good parents and life with reputation.”

“Do you know,many students from reserve category ends-up as drop-out cases?”

“Do you know Sudi’s father was ones arrested for criminal offence?”

“Do you know,people stand-up  to give honor when your father enters in the clinic?”

“You are lucky,for your father’s mom at 76, and your mom’s fathers at 84 are alive to bless you?”

“You are lucky, for some good people from Ireland, Brazil and Beverly hills have blessed and wished you for your exam. One good soul had lighted three candles for us at cathedral in San-Fransisco.Do you count it as luck?”

“You are lucky,that you are not born in religiously facist country.”

 “You are lucky, that your voice can be heard in our country and in our society.”

“You are lucky,that God gives you superb voice and talent to dance, so that you can sing and dance to celebrate.”

“You are lucky,that your father has been survived from critical by-pass surgery, to live with you, so you can have a good education and best caring.”

        She rises from the chair to hug me.Her eyes gets moist and I can notice  wisdom induced love on her face.

That evening my daughter got 42"wall T.V as a gift from me,not for getting first grade in exam, but for getting 'first grade wisdom.'



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Oh Jitu this is wonderful.

Oh Jitu this is wonderful. Your daughter is indeed a lucky girl to have a Dad like you. What riches you have bestowed upon her. What soul! mars

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Thank you

Thanks Mary,I have added a picture to my blog for you.

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What a beautiful young lady

What a beautiful young lady Jitu. You must be so proud! m

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She is really lucky to have

She is really lucky to have the best Dad! Nice conversation filled with wisdom! One often cries for what one doesn't have in life, and overlooks the blessings! It is indeed an eye opener for her. May she continue to bloom in wisdome, Thatastu!

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Thank you

Thanks for reading and valuable comment.

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Hi Jitu

This is a blog I wrote on RR last January.

January 29, 2010, 1:02 pm
In the present world, women,especially in underdeveloped countries,are weak and abused because they are uneducated.So for them,education has become now a matter of survival not a mere choice.
A mother can only give to her children what she has.And this can be either more ignorance and failure in life if she is uneducated or better choices in life if she is an intellectual.
The barriers to women's education are preconceived ideas in patriarchal societies who see in the other half of the society nothing but an object of pleasure and servitude.
When you send your daughter to school,you give her the ultimate arm to protect her dignity!

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Thank you

Your blog is very appropriate to the topic.Thanks for reading and comment.


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Jitu, What a wonderful blog.

Jitu, What a wonderful blog. Your passion, love, and wisdom really come through. Your daughter is lucky to have you for a father. Thank you for sharing this special moment.

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Thank you

Thanks Rebb, for reading and posting comment.I also feel lucky being her father.

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Reb, you look cute in your

Reb, you look cute in your new pic, long time no see. How r u doing?

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Thank you, Sumi. I am doing

Thank you, Sumi. I am doing well. It sounds as though you are bubbly, as usual :)

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You are just like my parents. Your daughter is blessed. This is a beautiful exchange. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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Thank you

You are very kind Belle. Juxtaposing me with your parents is honor for me.Thanks a lot.

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I love the response to "I am

I love the response to "I am not lucky."

-- "You are dear."

May all children understand that to be dear is to be lucky.

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You are very right,Helen.To

You are very right,Helen.To be someone's 'Dear' should not to be considered less valued.Thanks for reading

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Congratulations Jitu! Enjoy

Congratulations Jitu! Enjoy the books. mars

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Thank you

Oh dear Mary,it is more joyful to know this from you.You are truly a soul -mate.God bless you.


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Bless you Jitu. Huntington

Bless you Jitu. Huntington and Co. have extremely good taste! m

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Sole mate?

Error was meaningful in a way,you are sole-kinda person.

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This is lovely, Dr. Jitu.

This is lovely, Dr. Jitu. You have a beautiful way of relating to people. Your daughter was born extremely lucky to get the parents she has.

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Thank you

Thanks Ellen for reading. Wishes you sent,has worked. Be blessed.

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Inspiring and Thought Provoking

Quite an inspiring and uplifting piece of abiding wisdom, jitu. For me, in terms of the meaningful relationship you explicated concerning your daughter, it's not about luck; rather she is blessed with wonderful parents in wisdom.

Have a refreshing day, my good friend, jitu!


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Thanks Ugonna for your

Thanks Ugonna for your valuable comment.