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God is hopeful for us.

                                                                                          Six in the Monday morning. I wake-up by the noise outside, open the door to my bedroom balcony.Yes,It is there.Seasons first rain with breezy cool.There is a feeling like arrival of un-informed surprised guest at home.God still is hopeful for us,so he keeps on sending messages in form of seasons,ignoring the huge carbon foot-print we made. Like mother ignores the silly mischiefs of her child.We must have to wake -up before he get furious and punish us, like mother slaps the uncontrolled child,no matter how she loves him.

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Hi Jitu, Even though I do

Hi Jitu, Even though I do like the rain, I look upon winter here as a guest I do not wish to stay too long. I appreciate the hopefulness in your blog and agree that we need to wake up.

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We just have passed 47

We just have passed 47 degree,hot summer of two months.May be my feeling were a result of that.

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Hope in the breezy cool rain

Hope in the breezy cool rain & perhaps rage in the destructive storms? mars

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 Yes, we see his

 Yes, we see his fury sometimes.

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Surprise guests can

Surprise guests can sometimes be delightful. Hope some warm weather and sunshine blows your way soon!

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Thanks Dorraine for reading,

Thanks Dorraine for reading, and wishing.