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Sun is about to rise...Cuckoo is tweeting.....Gulmohar is blooming at its fullest....Oak tress are shivering....its little cold outside,but I am here in my room,have just opened the window and let the finest first sunrays in. It is a beautiful morning. Cool breeze is blowing; brushing my face,whispering something in my ears ...wishing me morning, wishing me luck for the beautiful day ahead. This is simply refreshing.Pleasant morning and a cup of tea. Just me and my soul…. and one pure, who is watching me, blessing me. My mind is calm, peaceful. Looks like it is showing red card to all the worries and tensions and blabbering thoughts and saying: " Halt, I will resume with you later but now it is time for you,time for your soul to get connected to the almighty, I’ll attend you later but right now its time for refueling your mind with wise thoughts." I am feeling better. Sometimes few moments with self are more precious then with people around you. Sometimes that little conversation with the one in you unlocks all the answers you seek for all your life. So stop being ignorant to the special in you,awaiting your attention. That’s the one who knows you better than anyone else in the world. Just listen to your conscience,your true friend,one who will never betray you but always answer in worst of your life. Life is beautiful,one needs to live and leave it beautifully. Circumstances aren't bigger than me, are they?

[text from my daughter's diary]

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Jitu, You certainly have one

You certainly have one wise and centered daughter! I admire her zest and love of life! She's so hopeful and positive. The world needs more calm and loving souls like her in it.
I hope, however, that you had permission to read and reprint her diary. I'm sure you did. :)
Best to you,

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Hi Jodi,thanks for reading.Yes I print it here after her permission.She read your comment and thanked you.It was also a news for me that she is writing in such depth.

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Ah Jitu I feel a kindred

Ah Jitu I feel a kindred spirit in your daughter. best, mx

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Hi Mars, I just wanted you to read this, and you are here.When I read it I remembered  you and your writing.I am happy that she is taking intrest in writing.She wrote this one year back and I found it in my word documents by the chance.Just now I have edited it by her permission.