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Flowers from the road.


Wedding season is at full swing in India.Despite of the excessive winterly cold this year people are busy in dancing and singing on the road at  'Barrat' processions. Three days back my wife and I were on the walk,early in the morning. The car with a wedding decoration of flowers passed by us in full speed,rushing to reach timely at groom's house.We stopped to give a way and started again after few seconds. All of a sudden wife cheerfully ran ahead of me and picked up a bunch of flowers lying on the road. Probably they were not properly sticked to the car roof and had fallen from the top. Wife was willing to take them at home. Even though  there was no one watching us on that deserted road ,I felt little embarrassed by her gesture.

"Darling, what are you doing?Just leave them on the road. Shouldn't it look funny to walk on a road this early in the morning with a boo-key in hand? And we are not even properly dressed to be considered  as a invitee on the wedding." I said.

"But these are beautiful banglore flowers,can't you see that?" She was inhaling the fragrance.

"Darling,we will purchase some from the 'florista' if you like." I was imagining a scene of us wearing tracksuit with flowers in hand.

"And leave these beauty on the road to be crushed under tires," she was not in a mood to give-up.

"OK then put them by the road side." I gave a substitute.

" For cows and buffaloes?" Now she was getting furious.

" But how ridiculous it is to pick the flowers lying on the road?"

"For me they are like abandoned children of nature. Would you prefer to neglect a child abandoned on the road?"

I didn't answer. We walked flowers on the road with us. 

Back home, she put them in a glass-pot and stood against me in a winning pose. I visualized babies in her hands instead of flowers in a pot.

They  remained fresh for three days. Every time she poured  fresh water in the pot,I recollect the days of my daughter's nursing by her. Can flowers become a children to some one. Yes, in my wife's case,as she loves flowers and trees and grass and birds and all those things which you would not like to abandoned on the road to perish. Now I love my wife little more,and flowers too, irrespective of purchased or abandoned.

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One smart lady, that wife of

One smart lady, that wife of yours! I got a good chuckle that she stood her ground with you, Jitu. :-) Abandoned children of nature- you can't reason with that. I would have gathered them up, too. And they are lovely.

Your visual of her holding flowers as though they were babies was touching. Just loved the whole story. Thanks for the smile.

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Thank you

Thanks Dorraine for reading.Your comment is well appreciated, and yes she stands to her ground when she is damn right.

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Great Act of Love and Kindness

Jitu, you're a lucky person to have such a caring wife. Her picking up the flowers and nurturing them in your home was a great act of love and kindness.

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Thanks Oswald.It is joyous to read your comment on my blog. It reminds me of our old RR days.