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'CRY OF A WOMAN' a painting.

       Painting is also one of my hobbies besides writing and reading. Some times I use brush and colors to convert my inner feelings in reality. I made this 70 by 50 cm painting in water color in 1976, when I had just completed my higher schooling. Since then it has decorated the wall of every house I lived in. It is the best I love and like. There was an incident behind it, a sad one.

            I was going to the school on my bicycle, 2 km far from my house in early morning of the march 1974. Road to the school was parallel to the railway track. On the way I noticed a packet of cloth with blood stains on it, placed near the railway track. I stopped and had a look. It was a dead body of very cute newborn baby girl, wrapped in old white cloth. I was shocked by seeing it. I was only sixteen years old and had never seen any dead human in my life. I waited for somebody to arrive. Few  people gathered and after brief gossiping informed the local authority. Two days later I learned the details by locals that a mother who was having three girls already and expecting baby boy, delivered this forth one, and after seeing that it  was also a girl, some how killed the newborn and throw it near the railway track in the  darkness of night. That was for the first time that I knew seriously about the discrimination towards women. That was a sad, heart breaking experience for me, a brother having three loving sisters at home

          For some days that baby girl’s thoughts captured my mind and her face tormented me with painful dreams in night. In May 1976  I made this painting. I painted a Fetus burning in the fire of four colors, with all its fours pointed towards the sky. I visualized that when a cruel person beat stray dog or an animal with a stick, poor animal cries in agony, lying on earth with all its fours pointed towards the sky. Here I depicted that unfortunate girl as a fetus, burning in the fire of four colors,

                          Red = Violence by people          Yellow = Ignorance by people

                      **Green = Unjust from nature         Blue = God not listening

That was my first meaningful thing in art form. From that day I never saw that girls face in my dream. But 35 years after that incident,situation is not that much changed in my country. We have all sorts of media,swollen with endless stories about discrimination towards women. And women, who have granted us facilities to be born, are still crying in agony with all their fours pointed towards the sky, may be asking to the god for reasons.


        ** If nature had not burdened women with reproduction system and made them physically fit equally, situation would have been different.




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A very powerful painting Jitu and the story that accompanies it. M

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Thank you Mary for appreiciation and for making me connected.


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I knew before reading your

I knew before reading your entry that the picture was a fetus crying out. That poor mother, that poor baby. Thank you for standing up for the women of the world. Susan

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Thankyou Susan, 

                          my blog is honored by your comment.


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with intention, with love

Amazing painting and your story behind it is so touching.
Unfortunately, women are still not valued as fully human in so many societies and circles. I've never thought of the ability to procreate as a burden, though. The most empowering position in the world is raising a child. As a mother you're responsible for forming a child and launching him or her into the world. When done intentionally and with love, it is magnificent. Painful, exhausting, but extremely rewarding.

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That´s a very, very

That´s a very, very powerful image, Dr. Jitu. But I´m curious about one aspect of it: why do you consider that women were burdened with their reproduction system?

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hi jodi and luciana

Hi Jodi and Luciana, I thank both of you for your valuable comments. I knew that some one will point out towards my perception of considering reproduction ability as a burden from nature to the women. When this universe and human beings were created, nature divided the task between the male and female for reproduction purpose. Only after spreading sperms man was set free to go any where he wants. On the other hand nature abided women for three trimester’s suffering and then pain of labor and then job of feeding a child and then raising a child. Is it a fair deal?

                    Old Hindu scripture ‘Manu Smruti’ described that primitive man was so lazy that he was not even ready for this small job in free. So in his first attempt Brahma [‘the creator of universe’] was failed to raise the population. So he lured a man by adding a sense of pleasure while performing his job. Men are using these two things against women since that day. He convinced women that they are blessed with properties of caring, loving and forgiving that men are not capable of. What a scrap? We know the capacity of man, he also can care, love and forgive, and some individuals are doing so today.

                    All the rules created by man chauvinist are nothing but injustice towards women. All abusive words are starting with mother or a sister.

            Is It a true reward for women after doing her part of work honestly?

It is my humble opinion. Sorry if It is unpleasant and hearts you in any way.                                                                       jitu

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It didn´t hurt me, Dr.

It didn´t hurt me, Dr. Jitu. I just like to consider different points of view in conversation. We can disagree about our ideas and still be appreciative of each other. Thanks for your response.

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Dr. Jitu, this is such a

Dr. Jitu, this is such a poignant painting, and the story behind it is so sad. I can see why it has stuck with you for decades.

Like Jodi and Luciana, I don't view my reproductive capacity as a burden. But I can see why some people might.

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once, it was a privilege.

                      Thank you ellen. I am a man and enjoying the freedom of being so, and so can evaluate that responsiblity, i called burden clearly. Think of an imaginary situation in which man have to undergo for nine months suffering to get one child. What numbers of men will come forward? 

                 For family planning, vasectomy of a male is less complicated then female's tube ligation, but statistics shows  that men dont come forwarad and 78% operation undergo are of a tube ligations. Women have to learn more from men's attitude towards them.





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Dr. Jitu, I am speechless

Dr. Jitu, I am speechless and for this matter, wordless! I myself had tubal ligation. My ex-husband refused to have a vasectomy. I should add many of my friends have done the same!

You have compassion and a heart that not many people possess. I in awe of you and the fact that you painted a picture depicting the horrible scene you came across two years later. That itself shows what type of sixteen year old boy you were mentally and emotionally. Your parents must be so proud of you.

I am sure your compassion towards women started with the fact that you have three sisters, whom I am sure adore you.

Thanking you so much for your compelling and thought provoking blog. This one will stay with me for a long time!

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Speechless, I am also


      Hi Heather,

                I am speechless too after reading your comment, and words so genuine I can feel. You make my eyes wet. My all three sis loves me a lot and my mom too. My father was very proud of me; he died in 1991 at heart failure. Being a male I can see women's wretched life every day every where, it is not restricted up to India. And I don’t know why but god creates situations around me in such a way that I have to be witness this discrimination, or I am like so that I instantly notice these things. If I write my memoir it will be full of episodes like this.

             I want to share an example of highest beast ness of men. This I never shared with anyone until today for I am a man and after knowing this we men have no right to call us human being.

           In 1980 while returning from government hospital at night, where I was doing my last residence ship, I  saw a totally mad female bagger, aged about 50, dressed in all torn rags, crying at the roadside. When I passed by her, I heard some words she was grumbling in Hindi ‘lubbed lagake karte hai saale’.  At first I didn’t understand what she was saying and crying for, but when I did, I felt nauseous and afterward set on the wall of a small bridge at some distance, and cried  in that sad lonely night all alone. That was a darkest night of my life.

             What her grumbled words meant was

         ‘They bastards rape me by using condoms’