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Asteroids and Doom and Royalty Checks

Well, it's happening, fiction is becoming fact and it's going to kill us all. I wrote a comic novel called The Myoshi Effect, about a giant asteroid headed toward earth and how everybody dealt with it, and now it's in the news every day. Oh boy. I'd be happy with the royalties if I weren't going to be killed by a space rock... In The Myoshi Effect it is quite a different earth than today, from the member states of the UN to the fact that the US has been divided into 2 countries following along Red State/Blue State boundaries, so there are two "US Presidents" who must come together (an in-joke you will only appreciate once you've read the book) to save the planet. Can they? Well, how's that working out today? Hmmm, so are we doomed? Well, maybe. But if we are about to be blammed by a rock I suggest you read The Myoshi Effect in the mean time - I mean, what else is there to do but go out laughing? #myoshieffect http://www.amazon.com/dp/1479234672

Myoshi Effect