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I take my work as seriously as I did raising my children, because there are many similarities between the two.  Novels are conceived when an idea is put down in manuscript form.  It is raised and nurtured through the many phases of editing and polishing.  Finally, it is ready to leave the nest when I send it out to agents and publishers.

                A rejection letter from an agent or publisher does not make me hate the work any more than a note home from a teacher made me detest one of my kids.   In fact, it has the same effect of making me want to work with it harder to make it a better manuscript.  Through my parenting experience, I have worked with one or the other of my sons, to help them get better grades in school.  The concept is the same.

                As soon as one of my novels wins an award or is blessed with a five star review, just like a proud father I strut around and pat myself on the back.   Yes, if you are a parent you know this feeling of elation when one of your kids does well at something. 

                The most important similarity to remember is , like your child, your novel goes out into the world bearing your name.   That alone is enough to make you want to do the best that you can in both of these fields.


J.W. Thompson

Author of Mysterious Lady and Hidden Evil

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