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Hidden Evil

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Hidden Evil

J.W. Thompson

ISBN: 9780981974248

Black Rose Writing

Reviewed By Renee Washburn

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 Stars

A sadistic killer is on a horrific rampage throughout the United States, but

without substantial physical evidence and a discernible homicidal pattern, he flies

virtually undetected under the radar of law enforcement; however, when FBI

Special Agent Sam Adams is assigned to the case, he leads a determined charge to

track and finally bring the savage killer down. The only question that remains,

though, is whether or not Sam can find the monster before he himself becomes his

latest victim...

Hidden Evil is a suspenseful literary thrill-ride that does not disappoint.

Effectively capturing the dark, twisted - yet unassuming - essence of a brutal

predatory killer, author J.W. Thompson’s masterful storytelling enraptures the

reader in a riveting tale of mystery and horror, even managing to include a tinge

of romance along the way. Furthermore, the storyline of Hidden Evil is both taut

and believable, making the action of Thompson’s narrative every bit as realistic as

if it occurred in everyday real life. As such, readers will turn the final page in a

mix of trepidation and uncertainty as to whether or not such a sinister animal as

“the beast” could be their colleague, next door neighbor, or co-worker...

An all-engrossing tale with gripping, nonstop action, Hidden Evil is an

impressive offering from a promising new literary talent. A highly recommended,

superbly crafted, well-written mystery/suspense thriller.