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The shining glory of Red Room - the easy fill-in-the-blank format for creating our web site – is also its curse. We can ‘add content,’ but only under pre-determined headings like this one: Blog.

I thought I would acclimate to this ugly word. Instead it reminds me of other unhappy four-letter words. My 11-year old son noticed my title for this piece, the suggested his own: “How about Poop Lump Blog?”

Exactly, I said. Call me overly sensitive (but not to my face – I crack easily). Brand me as an oldster (I’m 51, but from the neck down appear no older than 50). But I wish I did not have to put my words under the banner “Jim Malusa’s Blog.” Let’s round up Red Room authors, especially that fellow who’s running for president and needs to connect with the Little People, and put the pressure on the Red Room web designers to make a new category: Internet Journal. Words. Musings. Anything but Blog.

Until then, I remain otherwise grateful for all Red Room does.



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Are you communist?

Are you kidding me, Jim?  How unAmerican.  A blog is a perfectly good word to describe a log on the Web.  Of course being Americans, we have to think like Americans, especially on America's birthday, and that is to show how witty we are:

Log on the Web --> Web Log --> WeThePeopleLog --> Fukc! --> Blog

The Chinese better watch out, too.

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Just say no to Blaaag

I agree with the idea that "blog" is a dumb word for a journal. What is so wrong with "jornal" or "diary" or "commentary" or anything else standard? Why does the literary world need to let a small amount of the computing world dictate what words we use? A log is something to find in the woods. It is also a set of descriptors, times, observations in a scientific setting. This is a literary world here. Why not use a literary word?