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A certain sort of traveler will risk their neck for the sake of risking their neck. I don’t mean taking a chance with the ceviche in a Peruvian market, or a quickie with an attractive but penicillin-resistant prostitute. I mean some action with a corresponding reaction that might be fatal, like...
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Malusa Arizona Finger Rock saguaros.jpg
Most every book has a bit “About the Author.” But what I’d really like is to learn more about my readers, particularly those who aren’t blood relatives. This requires snooping, which means a certain measure of guilt, but not enough to stop me from discovering that many libraries keep track of their...
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I’ve given my book talk at least 40 times, so when I received an invitation to speak at my favorite local library, Himmel Park, I thought: Time for something different. I asked the librarians what they’d like to hear. “How about something about your work as a botanist? Out in the desert. Write up a...
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I like all ways of moving, and like the bicycle the best. It’s not only because it’s cheap and it’s righteous. The bike keeps me alert, and makes the most ordinary excursion something more.  Such are my thoughts this Arizona evening as I head out for a half-mile ride to the local store for a six-...
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Communtications Breakdown
“How’s the book doing?” The question rose above the Christmas chatter of a dozen relatives gathered round a table set with wine and cheese. The voice was Rolf’s, my sister’s husband’s father. His 90 years had taken a toll on his ears, and he leaned close for my reply. Better than nothing, I said,...
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I've posted 29 photos of the tour from Tucson to Death Valley on my Flickr webpage(see link to web pages). Reviewing the images makes me weepy. I suppose I'm sentimental.
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Road Tarantula
Patagonia's blasted winds make it a lousy place to ride a bike, but lovely to behold; check out my photo link.
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Same photographer,same link, but 23 new photos of the ride from Moscow to the Caspian Sea.
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Take a peek at the 15 photos from Egypt and Jordan that I've posted on the Flickr page via this link.
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I've finally posted 17 of my photos from Djibouti on the Flickr page that's accessible via the linkon the right side of my Red Room home page. That makes for a total of 50 photos I've uploaded, a process greatly slowed by the tedium of scanning my slides. Prehistoric, I know, but I hate to give up...
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1)  Ego. When somebody who's not related to me is willing to listen, I'm happy. 2)  Money. By my own accounting, book royalties pulled in an average of $7/day (before taxes, expenses, and the 15% cut to my agent). 3)  Visiting Faraway Friends. Christmas family portraits come alive and the children...
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The shining glory of Red Room - the easy fill-in-the-blank format for creating our web site – is also its curse. We can ‘add content,’ but only under pre-determined headings like this one: Blog. I thought I would acclimate to this ugly word. Instead it reminds me of other unhappy four-letter words...
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Barnes and Noble Powerplant
  For my novice book tour, my co-publisher granted me a budget of $500. On the one hand, this was hardly anything; on the other hand, it was $500 more than nothing. The venues along the East Coast included REI sporting goods stores, indie bookstores, libraries, and the Big Daddy, the Barnes and...
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The morning I packed up to leave on my first-ever book tour, the phone rang at 7 AM. The call was from a radio station that wanted to set up an interview the day after my arrival in Washington, DC. I was happy to oblige, and thanked my publicist, but still I wondered: why me? The usual suspects are...
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After I'd overcome my disgust of the word 'blog' and written my first entry on Red Room, I returned to my other lives (dad and botanist) and occasionally checked for an email response to appear at the address I supplied. None appeared, but that was OK. The truth was that I hadn't been reading other...
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