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Jim gives an overview of the book:

BUF is an abnormal novel that will surprise you and perk you up.
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BUF is an abnormal novel that will surprise you and perk you up.

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Trying desperately to regain his sense and maybe some sensibilities, Big Lulu forced himself to realize that he and Chickiesintartra’s chair had flown back through the Vestibule, also called in some churches the Baptistry, and were approaching the fourteen steps that led up to the church, and simultaneously realizing he could not launch the chair forward down these steps without killing his sister, he grasped the rubber handles of the wheelchair as hard he could squeeze and stopped short at the top the steep steps.  He did a superb job of hanging onto the rubber hand-grips, a much better job than the hand grips did of holding onto the chair metal, and so, although both Big Lulu and the rubber hardgrips stopped at the top of the stairs, the chair and Chickiesonatra did not.

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I tried here to combine the straight-faced style of P. G. Wodehouse with the twistin'n'turnin' sentences of John leCarre.

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Jim DeFilippi was born and raised in Duck Alley, on Long Island, and has been writing and living on a dirt road in northern Vermont since 1973.  He is a husband of many years, a father of two, a grandfather, a retired school teacher, a special-needs bus driver, a Vietnam...

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