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what does it really take to have passion and have it to stay? i don't think i have the passion i had a few months ago. I thought I was doing great then. everything that comes out of my mouth is 'spiritual'. I read the right books, wrote the right things, did mostly right things. what happened to me? did the cares of this world suffocate my passion? or was my passion not enough for what i am going through?

Is this a test? If this is, I'm not very confident of passing. 

I don't think the cry of desire, of longing to be free of some form of need is uncommon to this world. In the christian world it had become a kind of taboo, even if we believe it or not. Sometimes we just don't want to admit that like people who are 'lost' we are constantly plagued by suffering, need, sadness, temptation. Some people call it being legalistic to focus on temptation or sadness or need, or even suffering. Christians never get depressed. but I think humans do. Christians are humans aren't they? I sure am. 

And I sure am glad they can't read this otherwise they'd think Im backsliding. 

I assure you my faith is still intact. 

I'm just pondering on the things that continually pester my mind.