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Where, Oh Where, Are You???

Somewhere between my obsession with Mad Men and my fascination with Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, I have developed a serious jones for what I like to call a Lady Purse. 

Now, I have read and re-read the fall fashion mags and while I may not be the size I want to be or be able to pull off certain trends, I know for sure that I can pull off a Lady Purse.  Said purse is top-handled, feels like leather, and mimics something you'd see on the arm of Jackie O.  It is timeless and classic.  I want to be timeless and classic and therefore, I need this purse!!

I began my search 2 months ago and have not been able to find the purse of my dreams.  Nothing I find seems to be quite right.  If I find one that is the right shape, it is undoubtedly shiny and feels like plastic Jellies (those weird shoes). If I find one that feels right, it is in dinosaur green. I came very close to buying a purse today.  It was black, had the right feel and the right handle, but had these two zippered pockets on the front.  I think one was meant for car keys and the other for your cell phone.  Or a pack of cigarettes.  Why would I want my cell phone on display at the front of my purse? Or a pack of cigarettes either.

I have decided to clean out my current purse for the day that I find the ultimate Lady Purse.  This purse I have is a very, very large white Converse One Star over the shoulder mega-purse.  It could hold a laptop and a Thanksgiving dinner.  But, I believe that a well-structured, smaller handbag will help bring order out of chaos.  Perhaps this will translate to my life as well.  So, let us visit the contents of my purse and purge it to ready for the Coming of the Lady Purse.

Wallet:  It is faux croc and teal.  A friend gave it to me and for awhile, we had matching wallets and thought we were ever so. But now we are aren't friends anymore.  I dropped the wallet last week and now the clasp is broken.  Like our friendship.  A new wallet will be in order as well.

Makeup Bag: This is a black leather bag from Argentina that was given me by a former boss.  I like it a lot except it reminds me of the former boss, which reminds me of the former workplace, and then I become sad.  You shouldn't be sad when applying makeup, so I think the makeup bag will be replaced as well.

The Carb Lovers Diet: Some of you might remember a post from some months back called Breaking Up.  In that post, I broke up with carbs because I'd read an article about how carbs really do make you fat. And I lost 12 pounds not eating carbs.  But here is the problem.  You can break up, but you still feel the love.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  And my heart wants carbs.  So, I picked up this book and saw that it was much more realistic in how I want to eat and DO eat.  But I haven't started the diet yet.  Still, I've lost 6 pounds since moving in with my boyfriend.  Why?  Because he eats an insanely simple and healthy diet and I just eat what he eats.  Basically this....a potato and egg scramble with salsa for breakfast, a salad with grilled chicken for lunch, and fish, veggies and brown rice for dinner.  Some nights, a glass of wine and some nights, not.  Lots of water, several sugar-free popsicles while we watch tv at night and out to dinner maybe once a week or every other week where we let our hair down.  Not rocket science.  I still like the book though, because it has good recipes, but I do not need to carry it around like a bible.  It will not make the cut to the Lady Purse.

Various medications: for sinus headaches, asthma attacks, headaches, high blood pressure...name it, it's in there.  I will be moving to a lady-like pillbox when I have my new purse.  I will also be exercising more and perhaps get myself off all those damn meds!

Things that remind me of my children: A large lapel pin with a picture of Zoe from swim team last year.  A funky striped pencil that belongs to Gracie. An acorn from church family camp a million years ago.  I am fairly certain that I will put these things in a place of honor, but not inside my new and more organized purse.  Because I have all these memories in my heart, so I don't need to carry them around.  Plus, I have about 1,000 pictures of them on my iPhone. :)

So, the search continues but I am undaunted.  I WILL find the perfect Lady Purse and I WILL feel more in control and organized.  Well, my purse will anyway.

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 I love those purses from the

 I love those purses from the 60's. They matched the exciting stuff they carried in them, compacts and gold lipstick tubes!

Good luck in your search for the perfect lady purse!