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32 Days to 50 Lbs: Days 10-17: Let's TAKE ACTION Together!

A brief update on Days 10-17 of my weight-loss journey to a 50 lb loss: I stuck to my eating plan 90% of the time while I was in Burbank.  There was an evening when I had half of a half-size order of nachos with my 13 year old daughter.  There was a morning when I had bacon and pancakes with my 11 year old daughter and we laughed our heads off.  When I arrived home in Phoenix, I reconnected with the love of my life over chips, salsa and 2 margaritas.  I feel ZERO guilt or remorse.  This is real life.  Some days you eat 100% healthy and some days you splurge.  But not every day.  I have lost about 5 lbs in 17 days (4 lbs definitely, but 5 after I get rid of the water weight generated by the chips and margs.  I am VERY PLEASED! 

When I recently solicited requests on Facebook for weight-loss topics for the blog, my sweet friend and loyal follower, Ann Schmitt Galbraith, asked me to expand upon something I’d said in a Facebook post a few weeks back.  As best I can recall, it was about how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by life some days and how easy it is to just poke your head into the sand and wait for the problem to go away.  But I have learned first-hand that the only thing that truly makes you feel better when faced with huge issues is to TAKE ACTION.  So, I’ve put together a 10-step action plan for you to help you begin YOUR weight-loss journey.  No, you can’t wait til Monday!  No, you can’t wait until the 1st of August!  This starts TODAY.  We’ll take one step at a time over the next 10 days. Take a deep breath and hold my hand.  We’ll jump in together and TAKE ACTION!


Take a good, long, hard look at yourself: I don’t mean in the dressing room mirror at Macy’s either.  I mean take yourself out for a cup of coffee or a long stroll and ask yourself if you feel amazing every day, if you have all the energy you need to keep up with your busy life, if you think that you are your best self, if you will live to be old enough to marry off your kids and hold your grandbabies.  Chances are, if you are carrying extra weight, the answers to these questions might will be no.  You might have excuses that are so familiar and comfortable to you, that getting rid of them will feel frightening.  You might be getting some unconscious payoff to being overweight (no one expects you to help them move furniture; it’s so much easier to just give up on yourself than have to put in a lot of hard work; when people see you eating a hot fudge brownie sundae, they just understand that you are too fat now to actually lose weight through healthy eating). 

I know this from my own experience.  At 240 lbs, one flight of stairs left me winded.  Forget about 2 flights while carrying a giant laundry basket.  I had zero energy at the end of a long work day to hang out and have fun with my children.  Every night, I retreated to my bedroom to lie on the bed and watch cooking shows (which btw, made me eat more) while the girls hung out in the living room on the computer and watching iCarly and the like.  I felt like crap all the time.  I had sleep apnea due to my weight so I didn’t sleep well.  I would stuff myself with fattening, creamy, cheesy foods in an effort to comfort myself, which worked in the first 10 minutes and then made me feel physically awful for hours afterward.  It took my beloved boyfriend Pete telling me how worried he was about me, that he didn’t want to see me get diabetes, that he wanted us to have a long, healthy life together, before I finally took this long, hard look at myself.  Once I did, it was crystal clear that I needed to TAKE ACTION and immediately.  This is about truth, folks.  Once you finish Step 1, you will feel a HUGE sense of relief…I promise!  Then, you’ll be ready to go forth and conquer.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Step 2.  And Ann, thank you for giving me the idea to write about taking action.  You are a genius!