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Writing for New Awareness

There is a famous Zen saying: "The snow falls, each flake in its place."

We go through life experiencing events that often seem random, chaotic, and meaningless. Things happen. We react. We struggle to make sense of it all, but the workings of the world seem so large, so confusing, so beyond our control.Buddhist altar

Writing helps us move beyond that sense of randomness and chaos. It brings a new awareness that there is a pulse beating throughout the Universe, that everything is connected, that all is part of the Source. It reminds us that there is a harmony to the falling of snowflakes and the minutes of our lives, even if we cannot always hear that harmony. As Max Ehrmann wrote in his "Desiderata": "Whether or not it is clear to you, the Universe is no doubt unfolding exactly as it should."

When you write, remember and honor that unfolding. See that new awareness grow.

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