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Spiritual Adventures and Writing Pilgrimages 2013

The Taj Mahal
Photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

2013 is going to be an exciting year at The Writing as a Sacred Path Blog. The spring is starting off with a bang. Here are some previews of coming attractions: 

My Journey to India. Beginning January 5th, I’ll be taking a select group of students to India to explore the complexities, beauty, and uniqueness of Indian English. The English language no longer belongs just to North America, Britain, and Australia. There are Nigerian Englishes, Singaporean Englishes, Hong Kongese Englishes, Caribbean Englishes. One of the most vibrant and interesting varieties of English is spoken in India—and some of the freshest English-language literature coming out today is being written by Indians for Indians in India. 

I’ll be blogging about Indian literature and spirituality—and sharing my experiences through my 3½-week adventure. We’ll be attending lectures by Indian writers, going to student-written and produced dramatic performances, visiting remote rural schools and major universities, and topping our trip off with the world-renowned Jaipur Literary FestivalWe’ll also stay at an ashram in the Hindu spiritual center and pilgrimage site of Vrindavan. 


Photo by jpotokal

And we’ll have time for some of the spectacular sights of India, including the gorgeous Galti-ji Temple Complex, Delhi’s Red Fort, and, of course the Taj Mahal.

The Galta-Ji Temple
Photo by China Crisis

The Red Fort

The Whirlwind Review. In February, the spring issue of The Whirlwind Review—my literary journal focusing on the relationships between writing and spirituality—will go online, complete with inspiring poetry and exciting creative nonfiction by some brilliant emerging and established writers.  

Visit to Morocco.  In March, I’ll be traveling to Morocco to visit the labyrinthine byways of exotic Marrakesh, the gorges and valleys of the Atlas Mountains, and the mysterious “dunescapes” of the Sahara. Also, I'll probably buy a rug.

All the while, I’ll be blogging about my adventures and misadventures as a writer and spiritual explorer. My Writing Pilgrimage 2013 starts today!

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