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Brooklyn, NY
My fiancee is a doctor and all around do-gooder and we are set to marry the end of Aug. 2009.
Nov 2008

I am the author of Bang the Keys (Penguin/Aug. 2009) www.bangthekeys.com. I help writers get offline, stop self-flagellating and actually get some writing done!  My short fiction and essays have been published in numerous literary magazines including Lilith, New York Stories, The Portland Review and The North Atlantic Review. As a journalist I've been published in New York Daily News, Time Out New York and other publications. I am also a part-time Professior of Journalism at NYU.


Patricia Highsmith, Delmore Schwartz, Lajos Egri, Stanley Kubrick, Theodore Dreiser, Dorothy Parker, Borges, James Agee, JD Salinger, Edith Wharton, Herman Hesse, Somerset Maughan ...

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Novel in progress.


Janet Rosen at Sheree Bykofsky Associates.

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Film, Music, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball.