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Celebrating Judy Grahn
Judy Grahn

This Friday, October 30th, the work of Judy Grahn (and her new collection/selection from Aunt Lute Books) will be celebrated at an All Hallows' Eve Extravaganza.  If we went on just the titles of her poems and stories alone we'd want to show up!  Mention "A Woman is Talking to Death" or "The Psychoanalysis of Edward the Dyke" and I'm there.  But her substance is more than intriguing titles;  her writing has helped to shape the world of feminist and lesbian poetry for the past two decades.  Think of any contemporary female progressive poet and it would be hard to believe any of us would be writing what we do or thinking how we do w/out the foundation of Judy Grahn's work!

I can't pick a favorite---it's too hard---but here is one reason to show up on Friday, 6:30, Dance Mission Theatre, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco, 94110. There will be music, dance, performance, prizes for costumes, poems! And Judy!

Info: marketing@auntlute.com 

Two excerpts from The Common Woman poem series: 

"the common woman is as common as the best of bread
and will rise
and will become strong--I swear to you
I swear it to you on my common


"... a copperheaded waitress,
tired and sharp-worded, she hides
her bad brown tooth behind a wicked
smile, and flicks her ass
out of habit, to fend off the pass
that passes for affection.
She keeps her mind the way men
keep a knife ..."