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I Called Out Your Name Today Did You Hear Me?
Time for Truth

I called your name today did you hear Me?
I called your name today as you woke from your sleep. I called again as you sat down to eat.
I called your name as you started your day. I called out your name as I have every day.
I called you again while you drove home from work. I've called out your name from your days with the stork.

         I called you again as you readied for bed. I'm that constant small voice you've heard in your head.
I called out your name as you turned out the light. I called you in dreams well into the night.
I'll call you tomorrow for the rest of your life. Though so far all I've gotten is strife.

They call me the Savior I say what is right.
Listen please while I've got you in My sight.

Jesus Villalobos

This is a small poem I recently wrote with a few minor changes. I hope you like it. You are invited to leave comments.