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I cannot measure my happiness by my monetary make up;
the make up of my happiness speaks, touches and feels.

I cannot measure my wealth by my assets;
my greatest assets have lined more than just pockets.

I cannot measure my beauty by the weight on the scale;
the scale has never once told me I was beautiful.

I cannot measure my worth by the weight of your words;
your words will never lift my worth.

I cannot measure how in touch I am with the world by my social media reach;
my social media has never reached far enough to touch my skin.

I cannot measure my success by what the world says,
because the world says I am not strong enough - smart enough – pretty enough – thin enough – rich enough – creative enough – working enough – bleeding enough…

I cannot measure my life in years;
years have not made my life.

I will not measure my dreams by the approval of others.
The approval of others doesn’t take flight and light up the sky . . . my dreams do.