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The Beautiful Being
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Lauren Becker
Romantic Times

This is truly a beautiful tale, one that gives readers a wonderful look into a world just beginning. Many questions are asked, but there are very few answers, so Inclán's novel has a certain philosophical feel. Readers are sure to find this a fast, intriguing and lovely tale.

Summary: The world of Cygiria has been destroyed, its remaining people left on another planet where they must fight to rebuild a culture they can hardly remember. Destined to find their one true love, Edan and Ava have lived a life of loneliness and anger without each other. Ava uses cooking to find a purpose in her life, while Edan has been put in charge of their world and future well-being. Once they find each other, they begin to realize their people's true power and how it can save them from their enemies, the Neballats. But when evil intervenes with good intentions, love must work to truly conquer all. (ZEBRA, Oct., 272 pp., $13.00) MILD

—Lauren Becker