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Intimate Beings
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Fallen Angel Reviews

Claire Edwards is a schoolteacher, who is bored with her job and life. You would wonder what Claire has to be bored about, because with just a single thought Claire can travel any place she wants. She is tired of the same mundane things and seeing the same people every day. Darl James is not from this planet…Earth. He also can with just a single thought transport himself back home and any time he wants. Out of the blue literally Claire meets Darl. Right away there is an instant attraction. Darl convinces Claire to go with him to his home planet of Cygiria. She agrees. Once there the people of Cygiria are in the middle of an inter-galactic war with the Neballats, who want to enslave all of the Cygirians. Darl and Claire end up getting separated from each other. Will Darl and Claire ever see each other again or is Claire stuck living a life as a slave?

Intimate Beings is the second book in Jessica Inclan’s second romance trilogy series. Being with Him is the first book. I have not read the first book but I felt that Intimate Beings can be read apart from Being with Him. I never experienced a disconnection, being that I never read the first book.

For me Darl was the star of this story. He was quick on his feet and when faced with adversity he always found a way to over come it. Plus Darl is pretty sexy for being an alien. Though Claire was sweet, she seemed kind of weak to me. She needed Darl to take care of her. Claire was supposed to be the heroine of this story but she was almost secondary instead. The ending was out of this world. I am glad to see the book end on a high note. I will read another Inclan book in the future.

Reviewed by: Cheryl