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Being With Him
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Joyfully Reviewed

Mila Adams knows there is someone out there for her, but she thought she would never find him until she met Garrick McClellan. Mila and Garrick were more of a match than either one of them could have imagined. They shared a common power of being able to read minds and the ability to shift time. Where Mila could shift forward in time, Garrick can shift backwards.

Finding each other led Mila and Garrick to believe they were not the only ones like them. The quest to find who they are and how they came into their abilities leads the two lovers down a dangerous path.

Being With Him is an engrossing story. The connection between Mila and Garrick was instant and very powerful. Meeting each other opened new worlds and revealed secrets for Mila and Garrick. This was such an enjoyable story because both Mila and Garrick were very interesting characters. I like that their lifestyles were different with Mila being the artistic type and Garrick a businessman. Even their abilities were opposite with Mila being able to shift forward in time and Garrick able to shift backwards. If given a choice between their abilities, I would prefer the shifting forward. Fans of Jessica Inclan and her paranormal flair will enjoy Being With Him.