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Marcel and Lulu
                I’ve written before about how my dog Remy has taught me about living, not that I’ve taken any of his lessons to heart, so easily do I fall prey to stress and imminent disaster. Yet every day, Remy plunges pell-mell into life, happy for...
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I've been mostly MIA on this site, leaving behind daily blogging for other writing. When I was working on a novel a year (or more) I wasn't able to spend a great deal of time crafting poems, strories, and essays. The blogging here at Redroom was like a warm-up, a precursor, a revving of my creative...
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Most normal people I know are surprised when bad things happen. They are shocked by death and destruction, mayhem and madness. Mostly, I have to say, I'm not surprised. I'm other things, but not surprised. From an early age, I sort of figured that bad stuff was going to happen, kind of...
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At nineteen, I headed off to a four-year college. I thought I was savvy and smart and pretty cool, so I didn't sign up to live in the dormitory. Yes, the dormitory, the squat white building on the eastern edge of campus, located next to the cornfield. Why would I have lived in the dorm? I was...
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Barely a lap dog
"Where have you been?" at least one of you might ask. "Why have you not been blogging," minus 30 of you say. Where have I been? What have I been doing rather than blogging? Simple. I've been walking my dog. Yes, I've managed to get in a couple of blogs about walking my dog, but no lie, folks. I...
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I'm actually not a bit resolver at year's end, imagining that I suddenly say "Poof! I'm different." My changes have occurred, randomly, on March 5, June 17th, October 19th, December 3rd. or really, I started thinking about those changes months before the above dates, and then on those specific days...
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During most of my life, I've thought that the part of it I was currently living in, going through, dealing with was the most important part. My childhood and grammar school, high school and all its upsets and tedium, college and all that angst, young motherhood, new teacherness, divorced person out...
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My new dog Remy is a high energy dog, the likes of which I--51-year-old woman--cannot challenge, but I try. On days that we are together all day (which number 6), we walk three times a day, between 2 and 3 miles each time. Despite the fact that a couple years ago, my Achilles tendons became my...
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Somehow today, the only media I've exposed myself to (yes, I'm prone to do that) has been Facebook. From my friends' comments, I have a feeling things aren't going well for Obama. But most of my news came over the fence just moments ago, a neighbor and I hiding in the twilight of our backyards...
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A couple of weeks ago, I got a surprise call from a lawyer. There are some shenanigans at my college (not really involving me) but it turns out that someone testified that 22 years ago, I read a poem with a line that is directly related to a lawsuit going on at our school. There is so much to...
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In a very wise move, BART long ago decided to build an extension of its service and tracks to San Francisco International airport. What a blessing it seemed to be, those of us fearing various traffic hurdles on our way through and over and around Bay Area freeways. Oh! the fear and horror of 7 am...
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I write to you while sitting at my desk, our five-month-old puppy Remy gnawing on my shoe laces. Make him stop! you think, knowing immediately that I have no backbone or fortitude. It's clear, you further think, that I shouldn't be allowed near an animal. Maybe you're right. This puppy...
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I'm sure I've told you all this story before, the one where my eventual husband and I were shopping at Rainbow Market in San Francisco for luncheon items. We picked out arugula and olives and cheese and bread. We were in a festive mood, and we walked up to the register and put our goods on the...
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The last time I lived with a dog was the summer of 1982. I was home from college, working at the wretched insurance company that actually saved my broke ass, and coming home in the afternoon to run with my sister's dog. Our family dog Pippin had died, so it was me and Coffee. My sister had left...
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I am no Zen genius, but I think I'm starting to get a few things. Mostly, I've been learning this too late (meaning, I'm kind of old) but early enough so that I might not have to obsess about certain things for the rest of my life. Years ago when reading the Tao Te Ching with my students, I...
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