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Whose Baby is It?

For the first time in this presidential campaign, I am feeling political.  And I don't like feeling political.  I don't like feeling angry and appalled and saddened and depressed.  It seems like drama that I don't want or need, and yet, it's about the country that I live in.  So who else should be upset but me and everyone else?

In any case, what caused me to stop in my tracks and think last night was an article one of my Facebook pals posted.  Apparently the rumor circulating the world right now is that Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter is the mother of Sarah's fifth child.  Not Sarah, her daughter.

For about an hour, I was incensed because the facts seem pretty compelling, and they are likely more compelling because I want to believe in something bad about her.  But it's not the under aged sex, the girl's apparent hidden pregnancy, or the baby that upset me.  But the fact of the potential lie and the ideas about reproductive freedoms. 

I can see the conversation Sarah had with John.  John sat with her in an office, saying, "Now, Sarah.  Do you have any skeletons in the closet that might come out during this campaign?"

Sarah looked at him straight on.  "No, John.  I do not."


Now this could derail John's campaign pretty darn fast and this wouldn't upset me at all.  But then there would be the exposure of the entire situation, and who is really left out to dry is Sarah's daughter.

What a story!  How complicated.  And that's when I calmed down, thought about the people involved.  There is a novel right there, this poor girl, the daughter of the governor, the daughter of a woman who does not believe in abortion.  Think about the moment she discovered she was pregnant.  The fear, the worry, the stress.  My first novel Her Daughter's Eyes is about a 17 year old girl who hides her pregnancy, so I have imagined this scenario intensely.  How many months did this girl go before telling her governor mother about the baby?  From the photos associated with the article, it seems that Sarah wasn't pregnant or pretending to be pregnant for the entire time.  Did her daughter go for almost nine months with her lie growing inside her?  If this is true, what will happen to her and her child?

And then are we in the 50's?  A place where daughters are shuffled off to have babies under a rock and the children are given away to strangers?  Why there is shame in this?

I don't know.  This could all just be a rumor or a very carefully orchestrated attempt to do something to McCain's campaign.  But it's a lie that seems to hurt women.  There we still are, controlled by our biology, really, hiding babies, lying about babies.  We are still being penalized for being the ones to carry them, and this presidential race with this first female vice president candidate shows that.


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I feel you

You make some excellent points, Jessica.  This nomination has not been a sign of progress for women, in my opinion.

And the whole subject has just gotten more complicated -- Palin has just announced that her daughter is now pregnant, 5 months pregnant, and will be marrying the father and keeping the baby.  If you can do your math, this announcement is meant to show that it is medically impossible that Bristol was still pregnant with Trig in April.  I'm going to bet that this scenario changes in some way within days after the election.  Yes, I'm that cynical.

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I'm cynical too, Evie...

I blogged about it as well today.
No one is the winner here. As for the five months, haven't they heard of "Irish Twins?" At my Catholic school, there were kids born nine months apart.

I'm not thrilled with either sides here. They're exploiting this girl and it's not right.
Okay, deep breath...

I'm going to go to a movie and buy a pair of jeans.

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Here's my question--would

Here's my question--would her daughter have felt she could have made another choice if her mother had held different views?

And then, if Trig is Sarah's child, why the weirdness in carrying the child in almost secrecy?  Something is not right here, and I don't exactly know what it is.  I'm not sure this means that much, but it feels like a metaphor for this woman's way of doing things.  Not all clear, not all there.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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It feels like there's so

It feels like there's so much smoke and obfuscation that there has to be some fire...  Since it seems Trig is Sarah's baby, I will say she acted very irresponsibly around his birth, continuing to speak with dripping amniotic fluid, flying for hours in labor with a disabled child. this woman makes me very angry, and the cynicism of the Republicans and McCain makes me even more angry.  Yes, now the 17 year old is marrying the father of the child.  At the end of a shotgun wielded by NRA member gun-loving mom?

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where there is smoke there is fire.  Time and time again, that's the case.

Let's see how we feel in a few months, maybe just two.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com